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Bluff® 15TFL6072 Steel Dock Board with Steel Curbs 60 x 72 15,000 Lb. Cap.

Bluff® 15TFL6072 Steel Dock Board with Steel Curbs 60 x 72 15,000 Lb. Cap.

Item #: WB244167


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Speed up loading operations, help prevent accidents and reduce labor costs. Anti-skid diamond tread surface and high-visibility beveled curbs for maximum safety. Heavy-duty all-welded steel is ideal for frequent motorized traffic. Maximum impact resistance, strength and safety. Comes with built-in lifting loops. Curb provides full-length handgrip for ease and safety in handling. Safety stop on underside of board fits snugly between truck and dock so board will not move under load. An 11° angle supplied unless another angle of operation is specified. 11" entry lip with rounded nose protects tires. Meets OSHA requirements 1910.30(A).

CAPACITY is the combined weight of your maximum pallet load and lift truck. Capacity is rated for a single shift with equipment speeds of 3 mph maximum. For multi-shift operations, 3-wheeled forklifts or trucks using paper roll clamp, please add 5000 lbs. to the board capacity.

WIDTH should be 12" greater than lift truck or load. The most popular width is 60". Usable width is 4" less than overall width.

Stackers, 3-Wheeled Forklifts and other Narrow Aisle Loaders should not be used on a dock board. Refrigerated trucks require special dock boards; please call for information.

  • LENGTH INCHES 72 (182.88 cm)
  • WIDTH INCHES 60 (152.4 cm)
  • CAPACITY LBS. 15,000
  • COLOR FINISH Gray with Blue Curbs
  • ASSEMBLY Assembled
  • BRAND Bluff Manufacturing
  • WEIGHT LBS. 625 (284.09 kg)
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  • Reviewer: ronnie

    Date: April 23, 2019

    Worth Your Money
    Your review:
    This plate is heavy duty, and excellent for unlevel trailers at the dock. Plate saves you time loaded, which save you money in time spent. thanks
  • Reviewer: Ronnie

    Date: April 23, 2019

    worth the $$$$$
    Your review:
    Here at our Company, we load and unload about 10 semi trailers a day. We had a aluminum plate to start with, and it only lasted 1 year, and it also kept sliding off the trailer. This steel dock plate is a little heavy duty, but it doesn't move, your trailer can be level or unlevel. Doesn't matter, this plate stays put. This dock plate has increased out speed 100% "thanks!!!"
  • Reviewer: Fred Paddon

    Date: April 23, 2019

    Very good product
    Your review:
    Exactly what we needed. Very strong and easy to use.
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Bluff® 15TFL6072 Steel Dock Board with Steel Curbs 60 x 72 15,000 Lb. Cap.

Bluff® 15TFL6072 Steel Dock Board with Steel Curbs 60 x 72 15,000 Lb. Cap.

Item #: WB244167

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