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Shelf Can Safety Faucet At Bottom 5 Gallon Polyethylene, 14545

Shelf Can Safety Faucet At Bottom 5 Gallon Polyethylene, 14545

Item #: WB440458


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Shelf Can Safety Faucet At Bottom 5 Gallon Polyethylene

Nonmetallic Safety Cans offer reliable dispensing for even the most corrosive liquids. Nonmetallic Laboratory Safety Cans have all the benefits of Justrite's Type I polyethylene safety cans, with the addition of a self-closing faucet for easy dispensing. All fill spouts have a pressure relief cap with stainless steel flame arrester. Top of can features stainless steel hardware for maximum corrosion resistance and long life. Five gallon sizes also feature a vacuum relief valve in the lid for smooth liquid flow. Justrite's unique patented, current-carrying carbon insert imbedded into the container allows for proper grounding. Nonmetallic Shelf Cans have a faucet that is mounted two inches above the bottom to eliminate lifting the cans during dispensing.

Product Details

  • For Use With Flamable Liquids
  • Brand Justrite
  • Material Polyethylene
  • Warranty 10 yr
  • Style Shelf Can
  • Faucet 2" Brass Safety Faucet
  • Capacity 5 gal (18.93 l)
  • Manufacturers Part Number 14545
  • Color Family Red
  • Can Type Type I Safety Can
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  • Reviewer: George

    Date: April 23, 2019

    excellent for storage
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    excellent for storage but faucet it is just ok, i gets bad within a month. and won;t close properly
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    Product Q & A

    There are 1 questions and 1 answer for this product.

    • Model # WG440458, Is this material composed entirely of polyethylene? Is is high density polyethylene? Once filled, what does the material come into contact with (only polyethylene,)? Is this container approved for storage and dispense of medical fluid/oils (specifically, DC 360 medical fluid 10000 CST)? Can any of the materials that construct this container leech or leak into the fluids contained within?

      Question Asked By: March 05, 2012

      Answer This Question

      Question Answered By:

      • Product Expert, March 05, 2012

        The Container is composed of polyethylene. The hardware is stainless steel. The Unit is composed of Hi-Density polyethylene. This is only a secondary containment. The Manufacturer has not yet tested poly leaking into the liquid container.


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Shelf Can Safety Faucet At Bottom 5 Gallon Polyethylene, 14545

Shelf Can Safety Faucet At Bottom 5 Gallon Polyethylene, 14545

Item #: WB440458

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