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Safety & Security


Facility Safety: Keep Your Work Spaces Safe

Mind those sharp edges with guard rails, bollards, and machine guards to protect your equipment, walls, and other property that may be prone to damage. Keeping absorbent cloths, emergency eyewash stations, spill pallets, and safety gates near work areas and hazardous chemicals will help reduce on-the-job injuries.

Floor Matting

Standing or walking all day on concrete can do a number on your feet and lower back. If you work in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, you’ve probably experienced these effects. By simply adding the right type of floor matting to your workstation, you can start to feel some relief. Our floor mats will provide a cushion, help increase productivity, and prevent employee downtime and workplace injuries.

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Individual Safety: Keep Your Employees Safe

Ensure your employees have the necessary personal protection while on the job. Whether they work near loud machinery, demolition, or around harmful chemicals, we have the right solutions and personal protection equipment for the job at hand.

Fall Protection

Safeguard your employees from falls and minimize workplace injuries with our fall protection solutions. Made with durable materials and versatile features, our products are ideal for those in construction, roofing, contracting, and much more.

Safely separate parking spaces from pedestrian walkways around hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, and other large-scale properties.

Enforce safe driving with speed bumps and cones. Designate parking spaces and protect pedestrians on surrounding concrete sidewalks.

Traffic & Parking Products


Guarding your facility can seem daunting, but we have a wide variety of security tools to help you. From safety lock boxes, portable radios, safety alarms and signals, we can help safe guard your business and your employees, efficiently.

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Safety & Security

From your lobby to your loading dock, safety should always be a top priority. Global Industrial® carries a wide variety of protective gear such as hard hats, safety eyewear, and first aid kits. In addition, we have products to help you comply with OSHA such as fire blankets, safety guards, and warning signs all designed to prevent workplace injuries and accidents. For the exterior of your business, we carry traffic and parking lot safety equipment, ideal for schools, distributions centers, commercial offices, and so much more.