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Browning Premium Griptwist® Belts

Browning Premium Griptwist® Belts

Browning Premium Griptwist® Belts Are Adjustable To Any Length, Used For Center Drives, Vibration Suppression And Hostile Environments.

Easy Installation: Premium Griptwist belts can be assembled to any length required in a matter of seconds, with just a twist of the wrist. No special tools required. No need to dismantle machinery. Perfect For Emergency Replacement: Premium Griptwist belt minimizes production downtime because it assembles and installs immediately for any length required. A supply of Premium Griptwist belts is positive insurance that you will never be without the exact belt length you need. Higher Capacity: You do not need to compromise when you install Premium Griptwist Belt, because this belt has remarkable strength and durability. In fact, Premium Griptwist belts deliver higher horsepower than any other link-type V-Belt.

Vibration Free: Premium Griptwist belts have no equal in suppressing troublesome vibration. Because of their extremely close tolerances, they create and transmit up to 90% less vibration than classical endless V-Belts. Low Stretch: Premium Griptwist belt twist-lock design locks the belt links tightly to the length desired. Combined with the 100% urethane/polyester construction, this produces a belt with less than half the stretch of other link-type belts. Lower Drive Tensions: The Premium Griptwist belt raw-edge cog construction allows lower drive tensions, extending both belt and bearing life.

Cooler Running: The cross-link construction of Premium Griptwist belts dissipates heat rapidly, virtually eliminating heat buildup and fatigue. Oil, Water, Chemical And Heat Resistant: Premium Griptwist belt rugged construction withstands temperatures from 0°F to 250°F, which provides excellent resistance to water, oils, and many industrial chemicals.

AP Premium Griptwist belts are compatible with 4L, A and SPA metric type belts.

BP Premium Griptwist belts are compatible with 5L, B and SPB metric type belts.

3LP Premium Griptwist belts are compatible with 3L and Z metric type belts.

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