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Global Industrial™ Floor Sweeper

Global Industrial™ Floor Sweeper

Lightweight and easy to maneuver. Height adjustment for efficient cleaning on various hard floor terrains.


Push Broom Bristle Types

Fine/Soft Bristles

Fine/Soft Bristles

  • Ideal for finer particles like dust, flour and sugar
  • Best for indoor applications
  • Use on smooth floors and surfaces such as finished concrete
Medium/Multi-Sweep Bristles

Medium/Multi-Sweep Bristles

  • Ideal for general purpose fine/medium debris
  • Use on smooth to semi-textured floors and surfaces indoors/outdoors
  • Multi-sweep combines fine and heavy bristles to both loosen tough dirt and sweep away fine debris
Heavy/Stiff Bristles

Heavy/Stiff Bristles

  • Ideal for sweeping large debris such as gravel and scrubbing tough dirt
  • Can be used in indoor and outdoor applications
  • Use on rough/textured floors and surfaces such as docks and parking lots

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