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Janitorial & Facility Maintenance

Floor Machines & Vacuums

Clean efficiently with heavy-duty floor-cleaning machines and industrial vacuums. Ride-on and walk-behind floor scrubbers deep clean tough messes, floor sweepers tidy up various surfaces, and industrial handheld, backpack, and other vacuums offer heavy-duty suctioning power.

Cleaning Tools & Supplies

Cleaning tools and janitorial supplies make it easy to keep offices, schools, stores, and other commercial or industrial settings hygienic. Industrial mops and brooms keep floors clean, cleaning chemicals sanitize various surfaces, and towels and wipes dry or disinfect surfaces.

Trash & Recycling

Streamline trash disposal with commercial trash cans, recycling bins, and more. Indoor and outdoor trash cans and recycling bins provide a convenient space to dispose of waste, while dumpsters, tilt trucks and recycling trucks easily handle large loads of garbage or recyclables.

Restroom Equipment

Create a sanitary restroom with commercial bathroom equipment. Bathroom partitions create individual stalls for privacy. Hand dryers quickly dries wet hands. Bathroom dispensers offer a clean way to supply soap, sanitizer, toilet paper, hygiene items, paper towels, and more.

Divides public bathrooms into stalls to create privacy.

Offers quick drying of hands after washing in restrooms.

For efficient, hygienic hand drying in restrooms.

Dispenses of feminine hygiene supplies and sanitary napkins.

Keeps hands clean and sanitized after restroom use.

Conveniently supplies and dispenses toilet paper in bathroom stalls.

Personal Care & Hygiene And Paper Goods

Enhance sanitation and cleanliness in workplaces or commercial areas with paper goods and personal hygiene items. Stock restrooms with toilet paper, toilet seat covers, and facial tissue, and keep hands clean with hand soap, hand cleaners, and paper towels.

Outdoor Structures & Storage

Organize and protect outdoor spaces and public areas with outdoor structures. Sheds, safety storage buildings, and bike racks offer convenient storage space of tools and equipment, while bus shelters and work tents protect people and gear from harsh outdoor elements.


Keep outdoor spaces in pristine condition with landscaping tools and supplies. Outdoor power tools and equipment, sprayers, spreaders, and watering and irrigation systems make it easy to care for lawns and landscaping, while commercial planters and pots offer decorative style.

Janitorial & Facility Maintenance

Keep your facility looking its best. From floor scrubbers and hand dryers, to trash receptacles and cleaning supplies, Global Industrial® serves office buildings, fitness facilities, and schools, carrying a wide variety of products and equipment to help you cut back on paper waste and supply costs, all while protecting your staff and patrons from germs, spills, and hazardous materials.