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SpeedPress 159G 4' x 6' Rhino Self Healing Cutting Mat W/ Grid

SpeedPress 159G 4' x 6' Rhino Self Healing Cutting Mat W/ Grid

Item #: WBB621966


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SpeedPress® 4' x 6' Rhino Cutting Mat w/grid

Trimming digital prints and sheet goods has never been easier The super size, self-healing mat is perfect for your production tables. Now you can cut razor straight on this thick, seamless mat. Available with alignment grid sheets, this translucent, non-glare mat looks great while it functions effortlessly. Make a cut, then another cut a hair away, mat doesn't gouge so every cut is flawlessly straight.

Mat length and width +/-1/4"

  • MODEL Rhino
  • TYPE Cutting Mat
  • THICKNESS INCHES 1/4 (.64 cm)
  • BRAND SpeedPress
  • DEPTH INCHES 48 (121.92 cm)
  • WIDTH INCHES 72 (182.88 cm)
  • DESCRIPTION Rhino Cutting Mat w/ Grids
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  • Reviewer: Wanda

    Date: July 26, 2020

    Love the size and ease of cutting.
    Your review:
    I like how easy it is to use a rotary cutter on it. Huge disappointment though with the grid...it is so hard to see under the mat. I was also disappointed that there were no instructions as to what side of the mat should be on top and any hints as to how to get it to relax and lay flat. I would recommend it because of its size and ease of cutting.
  • Reviewer: RICK

    Date: April 23, 2019

    4' x 6' Cutting Mat
    Your review:
    Very,very please. The measurement guide is under the mat and therefore doesn't get scarred.
  • Reviewer: Judy

    Date: April 23, 2019

    Great Cutting Mat for Large area
    Your review:
    HUsband built me a table and bought mat to go on top 4 X 6. Priced the best!
  • Reviewer: johnleebuchanan@gmail.com

    Date: April 23, 2019

    Rhino Cutting Mat Excellent But Grid Is Lame
    Your review:
    The Rhino cutting mat is excellent for using a rotary cloth cutter. I used the mat as the top for a large sewing/cutting table for my wife and immediately after cutting with the rotary, the cut mark disappears. I am somewhat disappointed in the grid because 1) It is a separate piece of plastic, 2) is designed to be placed under the Rhino mat which makes it difficult to see, and 3) it was cut out of a 4x8 grid (my mat is 4x6), which looks cheesy. All in all the mat is great but I recommend NOT paying extra for the grid.
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SpeedPress 159G 4' x 6' Rhino Self Healing Cutting Mat W/ Grid

SpeedPress 159G 4' x 6' Rhino Self Healing Cutting Mat W/ Grid

Item #: WBB621966

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