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standard duty workbench

Standard Duty Workbenches

Standard-duty workbenches are made of heavy-gauge materials that can withstand rigorous use. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, standard-duty workbenches can hold machinery like milling equipment and drill presses or large assembly parts without compromising stability.

heavy duty workbench

Heavy Duty Workbenches

Made of durable & strong materials with high weight capacities of at least 5,000 pounds, heavy-duty workbenches are solid & stable to be used in demanding applications from assembly plants, garages, commercial industries, and more.

Preconfigured Workbench

Preconfigured Workbenches

Our pre-configured workbenches are optimized for specific jobs and/or tasks like shipping & receiving or packing to improve productivity. Offered with an array of accessories like lighting, power, organization, shelves, & storage, a pre-configured workbench offers a ready-to-use solution that takes the guesswork out of designing your workstation.

Cabinet Workbenches

Cabinet Workbenches

Cabinet workbenches keep tools, equipment, and parts organized and accessible by combining a strong & secure storage cabinet with a solid & stable worktop to provide your people with a workbench that maximizes storage, offers a reliable work surface, and keeps what they need within reach—which will improve productivity and efficiency.

Pedestal Workbenches

Pedestal Workbenches

A pedestal workbench provides flexibility and storage with a sturdy work surface to improve productivity and efficiency. When you build-out your pedestal workbench, you can optimize the configuration to keep tools, equipment, parts, and pieces close-to-hand and secure. Pedestal workbenches are ideal for both commercial & industrial applications.

Stainless Steel Workbenches

Stainless Steel Workbenches

Stainless steel is non-porous, naturally corrosion- & rust-resistant with antibacterial properties and high heat tolerance. Workbenches made of stainless steel are simple to maintain, clean, & sanitize and built to withstand the daily rigors of heavy-duty use in food production, medical labs, and commercial & industrial applications for years.

Stainless Steel Work Tables

Stainless Steel Work Tables

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, stainless steel work tables provide reliable service for years. Corrosion- & rust-resistant, stainless steel tables are simple to maintain & sanitize. With its antibacterial properties, non-porous surface, and temperature tolerance, these tables are ideal for foodservice & medical applications.

ESD workbench

ESD Workbenches

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) workbenches prevent damage to delicate electronics, diagnostic tools, and other equipment from built-up static electricity in a person or environment. Built with dissipative materials, as opposed to conductive materials, and properly grounded ESD workbenches help to prevent short circuits and fast discharges.

Ergonomic Workbench

Ergonomic Workbenches

Easily position our height-adjustable workbenches manually or automatically with simple controls that help promote comfortable work conditions.

Other Workbench Types

Other Workbench Types

We offer specialty types that range from robust freestanding workbenches for welding and woodworking to compact, mobile, and foldable workbenches for convenient transportation.

Workbench Accessories