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Protective Clothing & Workwear


Disposable protective clothing provides a convenient solution for enhancing safety in medical settings, foodservice environments, and more. Disposable aprons, coveralls, isolation gowns, and hairnets protect against contaminants and can be thrown away after use.


Enhance jobsite safety and protect workers with high-visibility clothing. High-visibility vests, shirts, jackets, and more feature brightly colored materials and reflective strips to ensure workers can easily be seen in low-light or high-traffic environments.

Heat-Stress Protection

Keep employees cool and safe in hot, humid work environments with heat-stress protection clothing and accessories. Cooling towels, bandanas, shirts, and more wick away sweat and use evaporative cooling technology to regulate body temperature.

Cold Weather Protection

Protect commercial and industrial workers against harsh weather conditions with cold weather protective clothing. Thermal base layers, cold weather pants and shirts, face protection, raincoats, and more are designed to keep workers dry and warm in cold or freezing temperatures.

Flame-Resistant / Flame-Retardant

Protect employees in hazardous settings with flame-resistant and flame-retardant clothing like pants, shirts, coveralls, and more. Flame-resistant clothes are made with materials that naturally prevent ignition, while flame-retardant clothes are chemically treated to resist fire.

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Construction safety clothing like hi-vis vests, hard hats, cold weather coats, heat-stress hats, and cooling bandanas are vital for worker protection. Enhance visibility, prevent injuries, and regulate body temperature for optimal safety and productivity.