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Storage Accessories

Pallet Rack Components

Building-out a durable pallet rack system requires key components such as upright frames, decking, and crossbars. Utilizing components such as enclosures and netting creates pallet racking that’s both secure and functional.

Additional Shelves

You can customize your storage instead of buying a whole new storage solution by adding extra shelves. Global Industrial offers wire, boltless, steel, aluminum, and plastic shelves that can add to your storage and eliminate wasted space.

Shelving Accessories

You can fine-tune your storage room by using accessories, like shelf dividers and liners. Covers protect goods from dust, dividers hold small items, ledges contain products, and frames & posts allow you to build on an existing shelf.

Locker Accessories

Lockers are essential for keeping personal possessions and valuables safe at work, school, or the gym. Repair or upgrade your lockers with accessories like locker shelves, number plates, locks & keys, panels and top and base plates.

Storage Accessories

We offer a wide range of storage accessories and products to help you get the most out of your storage space. From replacement shelves and storage bin lids to label holders, and dividers, we have everything you need to keep your items organized and easily accessible. Whether you're looking to improve efficiency in your warehouse, organize your garage, or maximize space in your office, we’ve got you covered with the reliable and durable commercial solutions you need.