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Walk Behind
only $2,011


Pros – more efficient than mopping, easier to maneuver and navigate through smaller spaces.

Cons – moderate operator fatigue, longer cleaning times and labor costs compared to ride-on machines

only $14,703


Pros – increased productivity, cover more square feet per hour, reduced operator fatigue and labor costs

Cons – more difficult to maneuver around obstacles

Pad-Assist Scrubbers

Pad-Assist Scrubbers

Assists the operator forward by the friction of the scrub deck against the floor. Simply tilt the machine forward to enable the spinning pad.

Traction Drive Self-Propelled Scrubbers

Traction Drive/Self-Propelled Scrubbers

Uses an electric motor to move the machine forward and requires less effort to operate.

Floor Scrubbers Pads & Brushes

Pads are best used on smooth surfaces, and need to be changed more frequently depending on the application. Pads can be used for general purpose scrubbing, stripping, and polishing and are available sizes from 13” to 22”. Brushes are best used on textured floors/grout, and last much longer than pads but do require additional cleaning compared to floor pads.

Floor Scrubbers

Floor Scrubbers
as low as $20195

Floor Burnishers

Floor Burnishers
as low as $1,267

Floor Machines

Floor Machines
as low as $1,005
Global Industrialtm Floor Sweeper

Global Industrial Floor Sweeper

Lightweight and easy to maneuver. Height adjustment for efficient cleaning on various hard floor terrains.

only $24695
Global Industrialtm Floor Sweeper

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