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Electric Heaters

Electric heaters require a reliable power source, but are quiet & efficient with very little maintenance. From space heaters to make cubicle-size surroundings comfortable to unit heaters for larger areas, there’s an option for you.

Gas & Oil Heaters

When electricity is unavailable, oil & gas heaters are ideal. Small vent free gas & oil heaters are recommended for use in open, well-ventilated areas or outdoors. Furnaces & unit heaters can run on natural gas, propane, and oil with exhaust venting.

Steam & Hydronic Heaters

Hot water or steam feed this closed heating system, so there is little maintenance required. Hydronic systems can be used in traditional radiators, radiant floors, baseboards, or towel driers. A furnace will be required to heat the water.

Specialty Heaters

Unique spaces require unique heating solutions; and Global Industrial has the solutions including efficient wall heaters, eco-friendly waste oil burners, romantic fire pits, powerful patio heaters, or stove heaters that elevate a space.

Shop by Heater Types

Radiant heaters work by warming people and objects, rather than the surrounding air. Choose the radiant heater that works best for you.

Infrared heaters offer instant and directed heat exactly where you need it. The heat provided feels like enjoying the summer sun (but in the winter).

Convection heaters warm air and rely on the convection action of rising hot air and falling cold air to keep areas warm.

Forced air heaters utilize fans to draw cold air across a heating element and then distribute the hot air into the room.

Selecting The Right Size Heater

Area To Be Heated
(Sq. Ft)

Heaters are available in a variety of styles, functions, and type of heat source.

The first step in choosing the right heater is to determine the area to be heated. Important questions to ask include “How is your building insulated?” and “What climate zone are you in?”. Using the FHA standard insulation and mid-North American zone average of 8.2 watts/ ft2 here are the basics to guide you. Remember that a poorly-insulated building will require more watts/BTU's.

Measure the size of the area to be heated and multiply length x width x 8.2. Find your total watts required for the room. Figures are based on standard 7' ceiling height, 15% total window and door openings on outside walls and 3/4 total air changes per house.


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