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Hubbell TayMac MX4280Z, One Gang, Aluminum, Collapsible, In-Use Cover, Bronze





Intermatic WP1150C Single Gang Vertical or Horiz. 4-3/4" Deep w/ (WP17) Inserts Flexi Guard





Hoffman PCS76 Cover, Solid, Fits 700x600mm, Steel/LtGray





Intermatic WP1030C 2 Gang or 1 Gang 3-1/8" Deep w/ 1 Gang Duplex and GFCI Inserts





Hoffman GP128SS6, Gland Plate For 12Inx 8In Surface, 10.98 X 7.23In





Hoffman PCS186HF2 Cover, Fits 1800x600mm, Steel/LtGray





Hoffman PCS166SS Cover, Solid, Fits 1600x600mm, SS Type 304





Hoffman PCS204 Cover, Solid, Fits 2000x400mm, Steel/LtGray





Hoffman PCS78 Cover, Solid, Fits 700x800mm, Steel/LtGray





Hoffman LFP2525, Front Plate, INLINE™
Hoffman LFP2525, Front Plate, INLINE™

Item #: WBB1611895

Not Yet Rated





Hubbell 860 Handy Box Cover, Blank - Pkg Qty 25




Sold in packages of 25 $0.91 ea.

Hoffman PCS78SS Cover, Solid, Fits 700x800mm, SS Type 304





Hoffman PVT3F851EMC Vented Top,EMI/RFI 3 Fan /115v, Fits 800x50, Steel/LtGray





Hoffman PCSK56F6, Cover W/HMI Cutout For Upper Front Sloped Fronts





Hoffman AFE8X6, Flush Cover For Pull Box, Fits 8.00X6.00, 9.50 X 7.50, Steel/Gray





Hoffman GP126SS6, Gland Plate For 12Inx 6In Surface, 10.98 X 5.23In





Hoffman PCS76SS Cover, Solid, Fits 700x600mm, SS Type 304





Hoffman PCS56F, Covers For Upper Front of Sloped Fronts, Fits 507/682x600mm, Steel





Hoffman PCS146SS Cover, Solid, Fits 1400x600mm, SS Type 304





Hoffman PGP64AHF Gland Plate, EMI/RFI, Fits 600x40, Steel/zinc





Hoffman PGP68 Gland Plate, Solid, Fits 600x60, Fits Frame Depth 800





Hoffman PGPV78 Gland Plate, Vented, Fits 700x80, Steel/LtGray





Hoffman PCS78HF2 Cover, Fits 700x800mm, Steel/LtGray
Hoffman PCS78HF2 Cover, Fits 700x800mm, Steel/LtGray

Item #: WBB1608860

Not Yet Rated





Hoffman PGP79AHF Gland Plate, EMI/RFI, Fits 700x90, Steel/zinc





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