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Platform Trucks

Flatbed Platform Trucks

Flatbed platform trucks are sturdy carts used for transporting heavy loads in warehouses and other industrial facilities. They come in various styles including battery-powered and folding platform trucks. Various deck materials like steel and aluminum are available.

U-Boat Platform Trucks

U-Boat platform trucks are heavy-duty, narrow carts that can efficiently move materials and goods through tight spaces in retail or industrial settings. Folding, motorized, and other style carts are available with decks made of durable materials like steel, wood, and more.

Work-Height Platform Trucks

Work-height platform trucks are carts with elevated decks that can be fixed or adjustable, and may include lower shelves for storage. The heavy-duty platform trucks can be used for storing and transporting items around warehouses, workshops, and similar environments.

Wagon Trucks & Trailers

Wagon trucks and trailers are rugged transportation solutions capable of moving heavy-duty or bulky goods and materials. Wagon trailers can be hitched to low-powered towing machines or chained together to make a train, while wagon trucks are designed to be pulled.

Platform Trucks

Built for durability and efficiency, these platform trucks offer a sturdy platform bed, smooth maneuverability, and a maximum load capacity to move equipment, materials, or inventory. Experience effortless transportation of goods and increased productivity with our reliable platform trucks. Whether you're looking to streamline material handling in your warehouse, improve efficiency in your distribution center, or take the burden off workers by reducing the need to manually move heavy items, Global Industrial's platform trucks offer a practical and effective solution.