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Welded Heavy Gauge Machine Tables

Welded Heavy Gauge Machine Tables
Welded Heavy Gauge Machine Tables These machine table features heavy-duty arc welded steel throughout, sturdy 1-1/2" x 3/16 thick angle legs and heavy gauge steel shelves. Tables have capacities of 2,000 lbs, 3000 lbs, and 14,000 lbs.. Legs have welded mounting plates for floor anchoring Durable gray enamel finish. Clearance under bottom shelf is 6. 2-Shelf Tables are 30H with 20 shelf clearance. 3-Shelf Tables are 32H overall with 11 shelf clearance. Available with casters and drawers. Shipped set-up, ready to use.

Welded Heavy Gauge Machine Tables
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Durham Manufacturing241818----Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891720 $105.95
Durham Manufacturing241824----Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891721 $109.95
Durham Manufacturing241830----Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891722 $113.95
Jamco2418301--Stationary2000 lbs
WB502171 $114.95
Durham Manufacturing241836----Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891723 $117.95
Durham Manufacturing241842----Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891724 $121.95
Jamco3618301--Stationary2000 lbs
WB502175 $123.95
Durham Manufacturing362418--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891725 $128.95
Jamco2424301--Stationary2000 lbs
WB502177 $130.95
Durham Manufacturing362424--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891726 $131.95
Durham Manufacturing362430--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891727 $135.95
Durham Manufacturing362436--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891728 $139.95
Durham Manufacturing482418--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891729 $141.95
Durham Manufacturing362442--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891734 $143.95
Jamco3624301--Stationary2000 lbs
WB502181 $143.95
Durham Manufacturing482424--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891730 $146.95
Durham Manufacturing3618301Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891731 $148.95
Durham Manufacturing482430--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891732 $150.95
Jamco2418322--Stationary2000 lbs
WB249319 $153.95
Durham Manufacturing4824361Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891733 $154.95
Durham Manufacturing482442--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891735 $159.95
Jamco4824301--Stationary2000 lbs
WB502183 $163.95
Durham Manufacturing3624301--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891736 $167.95
Jamco3618322--Stationary2000 lbs
WB249320 $176.95
Durham Manufacturing3618302--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891737 $181.95
Jamco2424322--Stationary2000 lbs
WB249321 $182.95
Durham Manufacturing241824--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891743 $188.95
Durham Manufacturing241818--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891738 $190.95
Durham Manufacturing182424--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891744 $192.95
Durham Manufacturing4824301--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891739 $192.95
Jamco4830301--Stationary2000 lbs
WB607298 $197.95
Durham Manufacturing241836--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891740 $203.95
Jamco3624322--Stationary2000 lbs
WB249322 $203.95
Durham Manufacturing241818----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891745 $205.95
Durham Manufacturing241824----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891747 $208.95
Durham Manufacturing241830----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891750 $213.95
Durham Manufacturing241842--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891741 $214.95
Durham Manufacturing362424--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891748 $218.95
Durham Manufacturing6024301--Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891749 $218.95
Durham Manufacturing241842----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891754 $221.95
Durham Manufacturing362430--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891751 $221.95
Durham Manufacturing482418--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891755 $221.95
Durham Manufacturing241836----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891752 $223.95
Durham Manufacturing362436--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891753 $226.95
Jamco6030301--Stationary2000 lbs
WB607299 $226.95
Durham Manufacturing362442--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891756 $229.95
Jamco4824322--Stationary2000 lbs
WB249323 $230.95
Durham Manufacturing482424--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891757 $233.95
Durham Manufacturing362418----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891758 $234.95
Durham Manufacturing362424----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891760 $235.95
Durham Manufacturing482430----Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891759 $236.95
Durham Manufacturing48243611Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891761 $240.95
Durham Manufacturing482418----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891765 $242.95
Durham Manufacturing362430----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891762 $243.95
Durham Manufacturing482442--1Stationary2000 lbs
WBB891763 $245.95
Durham Manufacturing362436----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891764 $247.95
Durham Manufacturing3618301--Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891769 $249.95
Durham Manufacturing362442----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891766 $251.95
Durham Manufacturing4824361--Stationary3000 lbs
WBB891767 $253.95
Durham Manufacturing482424----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891768 $253.95
Durham Manufacturing482430----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891770 $258.95
Durham Manufacturing482436----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891771 $262.95
Durham Manufacturing482442----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891772 $266.95
Durham Manufacturing3624301--Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891774 $272.95
Jamco4830322Stationary2000 lbs
WB249324 $272.95
Durham Manufacturing4830361--Stationary3000 lbs
WBB891773 $272.95
Durham Manufacturing3618302--Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891775 $285.95
Durham Manufacturing241818--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891776 $287.95
Durham Manufacturing4824302--Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891779 $290.95
Durham Manufacturing2418241Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891777 $292.95
Durham Manufacturing241830--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891778 $295.95
Jamco6030322--Stationary2000 lbs
WB249325 $302.95
Durham Manufacturing241842--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891782 $303.95
Durham Manufacturing241836--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891780 $309.95
Durham Manufacturing362418--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891784 $310.95
Durham Manufacturing4836361--Stationary3000 lbs
WBB891781 $310.95
Durham Manufacturing362424--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891785 $313.95
Durham Manufacturing362436--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891787 $322.95
Durham Manufacturing482418--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891788 $325.95
Durham Manufacturing602430----Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891790 $325.95
Durham Manufacturing362430--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891786 $328.95
Durham Manufacturing482424--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891791 $328.95
Durham Manufacturing362442--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891789 $331.95
Durham Manufacturing482430--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891792 $333.95
Durham Manufacturing482436--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891793 $347.95
Durham Manufacturing482442--1Mobile2000 lbs
WBB891794 $350.95
Durham Manufacturing4824361--Mobile3000 lbs
WBB891795 $357.95
Durham Manufacturing483036----Mobile3000 lbs
WBB891796 $377.95
Durham Manufacturing4836362--Mobile3000 lbs
WBB891800 $420.95
Durham Manufacturing7236361--Stationary3000 lbs
WBB891801 $427.95
Durham Manufacturing4836241--Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891802 $541.00
Durham Manufacturing7236362--Mobile3000 lbs
WBB891803 $543.00
Durham Manufacturing483630----Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891804 $554.00
Durham Manufacturing483634----Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891805 $564.00
Durham Manufacturing603624----Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891797 $635.00
Durham Manufacturing603630----Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891798 $647.00
Durham Manufacturing603634----Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891799 $654.00
Durham Manufacturing723624----Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891806 $745.00
Durham Manufacturing723630----Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891807 $761.00
Durham Manufacturing723634----Stationary14000 lbs
WBB891808 $769.00

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