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Strain Relief

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Strain Relief Grips (136)
Bryant® Economy® Deluxe Cord Strain Relief Cable Grips

Bryant® Economy® Deluxe Cord Strain Relief Cable Grips
Bryant® Economy® Deluxe Cord Strain Relief Cable Grips Bryant® Economy® Strain Relief Deluxe Cord Cable Grips Are Ideal For Food Processing Equipment, Chemical Machinery, Compressors And Any Environment Where Cable May Be Exposed To Moisture.

May be used in indoor or outdoor environments. Prevents pullout from tension, vibration, motion and strain applications. Made using double to single weave variable mesh. Cable grips feature stainless steel mesh for corrosion resistance and added strength. Mesh is flexible for easy installation. Aluminum fitting. Neoprene seal is liquid-tight. Grips are designed for insulated cables. Available fittings are straight, 45° and 90° (male fitting only). UL listed. CSA certified.

Bryant® Economy® Deluxe Cord Strain Relief Cable Grips
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90 Degree Male1/2.187.25DC18912
WBB216760 $65.95
Straight Male3/4.187.25DC1834
WBB216733 $53.95
Straight Male1/2.187.25DC1812
WBB216897 $46.95
Straight Male1/2.25.375DC2512
WBB216895 $47.95
90 Degree Male3/8.25.312DC25938
WBB216729 $62.95
Straight Male3/4.25.375DC2534
WBB216731 $51.95
Straight Male3/8.25.312DC2538
WBB216856 $46.95
90 Degree Male1/2.25.375DC25912
WBB216841 $65.95
Straight Female1/2.25.375DC25F12
WBB217065 $48.95
45 Degree Male1/2.25.375DC25412
WBB216930 $65.95
Straight Female3/4.25.375DC25F34
WBB216793 $48.95
Straight Male3/8.312.375DC3138
WBB216833 $46.95
90 Degree Male3/8.312.375DC31938
WBB217062 $62.95
Straight Male1/2.375.5DC3712
WBB216892 $45.95
Straight Male3/4.375.5DC3734
WBB216754 $53.95
90 Degree Male3/4.375.5DC37934
WBB216966 $84.95
Straight Male3/8.375.437DC3738
WBB216834 $46.95
90 Degree Male1/2.375.5DC37912
WBB216842 $65.95
Straight Female1/2.375.5DC37F12
WBB217066 $49.95
90 Degree Male3/8.375.437DC37938
WBB217063 $62.95
45 Degree Male1/2.375.5DC37412
WBB216931 $69.95
Straight Female3/4.375.5DC37F34
WBB216791 $49.95
Straight Male1/2.5.625DC5012
WBB216893 $45.95
Straight Male3/4.5.625DC5034
WBB216755 $49.95
90 Degree Male1/2.5.625DC50912
WBB216864 $66.95
90 Degree Male1.5.625DC5091
WBB216739 $90.95
45 Degree Male3/4.5.625DC50434
WBB216737 $84.95
90 Degree Male3/4.5.625DC50934
WBB216967 $84.95
45 Degree Male1.5.625DC5041
WBB216832 $88.95
Straight Female1/2.5.625DC50F12
WBB217067 $55.95
45 Degree Male1/2.5.625DC50412
WBB216932 $65.95
Straight Female3/4.5.625DC50F34
WBB216792 $55.95
Straight Male1.5.625DC501
WBB216796 $69.95
90 Degree Male1.625.75DC6291
WBB216761 $90.95
Straight Male3/4.625.75DC6234
WBB216756 $55.95
45 Degree Male3/4.625.75DC62434
WBB216738 $84.95
90 Degree Male3/4.625.75DC62934
WBB217064 $84.95
Straight Male1.625.75DC621
WBB216816 $69.95
Straight Female3/4.625.75DC62F34
WBB216794 $93.95
Straight Male1/2.625.75DC6212
WBB216896 $48.95
45 Degree Male1.625.75DC6241
WBB216909 $88.95
90 Degree Male1.75.875DC7591
WBB216759 $86.95
Straight Male1.75.875DC751
WBB216894 $64.95
Straight Male3/4.75.875DC7534
WBB216835 $56.95
45 Degree Male1.75.875DC7541
WBB216910 $86.95
Straight Male1-1/4.8751DC87114
WBB217096 $100.95
90 Degree Male1.8751DC8791
WBB216831 $90.95
90 Degree Male1-1/4.8751DC879114
WBB216943 $120.95
Straight Male1.8751DC871
WBB216795 $65.95
Straight Male1-1/2.8751DC87112
WBB216917 $117.95
45 Degree Male1.8751DC8741
WBB216911 $88.95
Straight Male1-1/211.125DC100112
WBB216995 $117.95
45 Degree Male1-1/211.125DC1004112
WBB217008 $120.95
45 Degree Male1-1/411.125DC1004114
WBB217011 $120.95
90 Degree Male1-1/211.125DC1009112
WBB216862 $143.95
90 Degree Male1-1/411.125DC1009114
WBB216965 $120.95
Straight Male1-1/411.125DC100114
WBB217097 $100.95
Straight Male1-1/21.1251.25DC112112
WBB216996 $117.95
45 Degree Male1-1/21.1251.25DC1124112
WBB217009 $143.95
90 Degree Male1-1/21.1251.25DC1129112
WBB216863 $143.95
Straight Male1-1/41.1251.25DC112114
WBB217098 $100.95
90 Degree Male1-1/41.1251.25DC1129114
WBB216963 $120.95
45 Degree Male1-1/41.1251.25DC1124114
WBB217031 $120.95
Straight Male1-1/21.251.375DC125112
WBB216997 $117.95
Straight Male1-1/41.251.375DC125114
WBB216747 $102.95
90 Degree Male1-1/21.251.375DC1259112
WBB216865 $143.95
45 Degree Male1-1/21.251.375DC1254112
WBB217010 $143.95
90 Degree Male1-1/41.251.375DC1259114
WBB216964 $120.95
45 Degree Male1-1/41.251.375DC1254114
WBB217032 $120.95
Straight Male1-1/21.3121.437DC131112
WBB216998 $148.95
Straight Male21.3121.437DC1312
WBB216823 $154.95
Straight Male1-1/21.4371.56DC143112
WBB216999 $148.95
Straight Male21.4371.56DC1432
WBB216826 $155.95
Straight Male1-1/21.5621.687DC156112
WBB217018 $148.95
Straight Male21.5621.687DC1562
WBB216824 $155.95
Straight Male1-1/21.6871.812DC168112
WBB217094 $148.95
Straight Male21.6871.812DC1682
WBB216827 $155.95
Straight Male2-1/21.6871.812DC168212
WBB216928 $240.95
Straight Male21.751.875DC1752
WBB216828 $155.95
Straight Male2-1/21.8121.937DC181212
WBB217095 $240.95
Straight Male21.8121.937DC181X2
WBB216849 $205.95
Straight Male2-1/21.9372.062DC193212
WBB216929 $240.95
Straight Male31.9372.062DC1933
WBB217026 $304.95
Straight Male21.9372.062DC1932
WBB216925 $210.95
Straight Male2-1/22.0622.187DC206212
WBB216950 $240.95
Straight Male32.0622.187DC2063
WBB217028 $304.95
Straight Male22.0622.187DC2062
WBB216926 $210.95
Straight Male2-1/22.1872.312DC218212
WBB217025 $240.95
Straight Male32.1872.312DC2183
WBB217029 $304.95
Straight Male32.3122.437DC2313
WBB217030 $304.95
Straight Male32.4372.625DC2433
WBB217052 $386.95
Straight Male32.6252.812DC2623
WBB216927 $386.95
Straight Male32.8123DC2813
WBB216732 $430.95

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