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PPE - Protective Clothing

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PPE - Protective Clothing

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OccuNomix Welding Bibs & Sleeves

View 5 Products
OccuNomix Welding Bibs & Sleeves
View 5 Products
OccuNomix Welding Bibs And Sleeves Are Constructed With Flame Resistant Cotton Sateen.

OccuNomix Welding Bibs And Sleeves are made with Kevlar® for long lasting durability. Features an open back bottom, an adjustable cotton waist strap and non-reflective snaps for the front closure. FR lasts through 50 washes. Meets ASTM F1506.

Click for more

Sleeves & Bibs

View 30 Products
Sleeves & Bibs
View 30 Products
Sleeves And Bibs Are Used Chest And Upper Body Protection For Welding, Woodworking, Automotive And Other Manufacturing Industries.

Sleeves And Bib Aprons are made for long lasting durability and safety. Protective clothing provides protection from heat, sparks and debris for the upper body and arms. Bibs cover sleeves and front of shirts with open back for comfort. Click for more

Disposable Sleeves and Bibs

View 24 Products
Disposable Sleeves and Bibs
View 24 Products
Disposable Sleeves and Bibs Protect Garments And Bare Arms in Medical Facilities, Industrial Labs And More.

Disposable Sleeves and Bibs are made of Polyethylene, PVC or polypropylene for ultimate protection. Available styles include 1, 6 and 8 Mil Polyethylene and PVC Sleeves, Laminated Polypropylene Sleeves, Napleen Disposable Bibs and Tyvek Sleeves. Click for more

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