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Audible & Visual Safety Signals

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Audible & Visual Safety Signals

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Back-Up Alarms

View 9 Products
Back-Up Alarms
View 9 Products
Back-Up Alarms Produce A Sound When Vehicles Drive In Reverse.

Back-up alarms alert pedestrians and other vehicles when a van, mini-van or SUV is driving in reverse. Choose from different styles of back-up alarms. Back-Up Alarms are small in size for easy installation in any 12-volt vehicle. Click for more

WOLO® Air Horns

View 10 Products
WOLO® Air Horns
View 10 Products
Air Horns Use Pressurized Air To Create Extremely Loud Noises.

Air horns are used in a variety of vehicles. Can be installed in 12-volt vehicles. Air Max Plastic Chrome™ is a 2-trumpet model with bright chrome finish. Airsplitter™ is composed of 2 chrome, loud sound producing metal trumpets. Click for more

Electric Horns

View 14 Products
Electric Horns
View 14 Products
Electric Horns Are Designed For Vehicles To Produce Different Loud Sounds.

Electric horns are easy-to-install and can fit in various vehicles. Choose from different sound types available. Animal House™ attracts immediate attention with 69 different sounds to choose from 9 animals, 10 sirens, and 50 musical songs. Click for more

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