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Receptacle Fit

The width of the bag should be equal to ½ the circumference of the receptacle.

The length of the bag should be equal to the height of the receptacle + ½ of the diameter (or diagonal if square or rectangular) + 3 inches.

Global Industrial™ Trash Bags fit in most popular receptacle sizes from 3 to 65 gallon.


Polyethylene Resin is the most commonly used material for trash bags. Polyethylene's density defines its puncture resistance and stretch properties.

Polyethylene Resin ▼ High Density ▼ Low Density
Puncture Resistance ★★★
Stretch ★★★
Appropriate Contents Office/Kitchen
Grass Clippings
Rags and Clothes
Paper Goods
Construction Debris
Brocken Glass
Sharp Metal
Sticks & Twigs

Microns measure thickness of high density trash bags, while mils measure low density trash bags. 1 mil equals 25.4 microns.

High Density Trash Bags

Global Industrial™
High Density Trash Bags
Available from 0.21 to 0.57 mil thickness

Global Industrial™
Low Density Trash Bags
Available from 0.5 to 3 mil thickness

Bottom Seal

The Bottom Seal is critical to commercial applications because of its ability to keep material in. The most common seals are Flat, Gusseted or Star Sealed.

Seal Type ▼ Flat Seal ▼ Gusset Seal ▼ Star Seal
Fit to Container ★★★ ★★
Leak Protection ★★ ★★★
Load Distribution ★★★ ★★ ★★

All Global Industrial™ Trash Bags are star sealed for balance. Drum liners are flat sealed for heavier loads.

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