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Storage Checklist

  • Nexel NexGard Wire Shelving
  • Security Trucks
  • Lockable Storage Units
  • Steel Step Ladders
  • Storage Containers
  • Stainless Steel Carts
  • Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets

Storage Room/Tool Cribs

Although storage rooms may appear static in exhibition, they necessitate dynamic traffic flow.

  • Organize and label tools and equipment
  • Add a sign-out sheet or designate an employee to keep track of what is being used and by whom
  • Stock a three month supply of gloves, face masks, and safety eyewear
  • Post a routine cleaning schedule so it's visible to employees

Our Top Storage Products

Helpful Hints

Tool Cribs

Stay well organized for easier cleaning. Consider workbenches w/hard surfaces that allow cleaning, Hand and stack bins for easy visibility, Storage cabinets w/see-through doors and Anti fatigue mats for employee comfort.

Parts Storage

Many options exist to store MRO needs. Consider bins and containers for parts, Flammable cabinets for cleaners and chemicals, Oily rag disposal for safety and Shelving help keep areas organized.

The Right Type of Storage

Choose the right storage for the environment. Consider wire shelving for ease of access and visibility, Pallet racks for heavy items, Closed shelving for dust control, and Locked cabinets for security.

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