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Social Distancing Solutions Checklist

  • Dividers
  • Cashier Shields
  • Stanchions
  • Signs
  • Hand Washing Signs
  • Sanitary Door Opener

Social Distancing Solutions

Interaction is at the heart of every onsite assignment, whether through verbal communication or collaborative teamwork. Rest assured our products are designed with safety and convenience in mind to protect without inhibiting productivity. Your day to day interactions may be at a longer distance than normal but the communication between you and your staff remains strong with mobility enabled dividing partitions, transparent shields, and more.

Our Top Social Distancing Solutions Products

Helpful Hints

Equip employees

Equip employees with two-way radios to communicate easily from anywhere in and around your store.

Meeting Rooms

Employees will continue to hold meetings with vendors, customers, and associates. Reduce physical attendance by 50%, Use video conferencing, Choose larger rooms than needed, Set regular cleaning schedule.

Social Distancing

Reminders to keep your distance. Floor signs, Microwave stations, Limit the number of employees/visitors in the breakroom at the same time.


Partitions can be used to create separate areas, and clear plastic barriers can protect receptionists and visitors.

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