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Hallway Checklist

  • Antimicrobial Lockers
  • Bottle Filling Stations and Water Coolers
  • Enclosed Cork Boards
  • Floor Signs and Tape
  • Belt Stanchions
  • Floor Cleaning Equipment

When the Bell Rings

Most hallways are at risk for crowds, so managing the traffic flow – especially in schools where there is the added issue of lockers – will need more than floor markers to maintain safety. Old lockers should be replaced with antimicrobial lockers, and water fountains should be converted to bottle filling stations.

  • Enclosed cork boards provide you with the ability to post and promote important event information in a safely contained manner
  • Keep floor cleaning equipment in service and supplies stocked for regular surface cleaning and emergency floor cleaning
  • Use floor signs and tape to manage hallways and stairwell flow at proper distances

Our Top Hallway Products

Helpful Hints

Antimicrobial Storage

Replace old lockers with new antimicrobial agent lockers that resist growth of bacteria, mildew, and more.

Touchless Drinking

Bottle filling stations and sensor water coolers eliminate the need for touch and provide energy-saving benefits.

Signage & Traffic Flow Control

Use floor signs and tape to help maintain safe traffic flow, and belt stanchions help section off areas.

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