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Student Drop-off/Pick-up Areas Checklist

  • Social Distancing Floor Signs
  • Traffic Barriers and Cones
  • School Environment Signs
  • Canopies
  • Belt Stanchions

Student Drop-off/Pick-up Areas

The continued safety and health of students and staff are a strong priority as schools re-open. Make sure you have clear, direct signage for all areas where students, vehicles, and parents convene. These areas must remain completely observable from all interacting angles, which would include space for redirecting missed turns.

  • You may need additional stop signs for new drop off and pick up practices, as well as reminder signage
  • Have a backup plan for drivers so a missed turn can be easily resolved
  • Canopies can create official areas to keep flow organized
  • Belt stanchions and other traffic barriers will be necessary to keep people and vehicles a safe distance apart

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Helpful Hints


Floor markers and signs clearly convey safe social distancing.


Section off areas with a canopy to help manage students and staff during arrivals and departures.

Traffic Control

Use traffic barriers, cones, and stop signs to direct traffic flow safely.

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