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Preventative Solutions Checklist

  • Antimicrobial Shelving
  • See Through Lockers
  • Touchless Faucets
  • Steel Garbage Cans

Preventative Solutions

As workers go through their routine at your facility there are hundreds of surfaces around them. These are the rims of shelves, locker doors, faucet handles, and more. Whether the gloves are on or off, it is important to know where these high touch areas are and how to handle them. Our line of antimicrobial shelving, see through lockers, touchless faucets, and more are designed to help make your facility more openly accessible.

Our Top Preventative Solutions Products

Helpful Hints


Automatic flush valves, Sensor Faucets, Automatic Soap Dispenser and Hand dryers.

Hand Sanitation Station

Use at entry and exit points of the high traffic areas of your facility. Entrance doorway, Exits, Breakroom, Bathrooms, Conference Rooms.

Tool Cribs

Stay well organized for easier cleaning. Workbench w/hard surfaces that allow cleaning, Hand and stack bins for easy visibility, Storage cabinets w/see-through doors and Anti fatigue mats for employee comfort.

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