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PPE Solutions Checklist

  • Face Masks
  • Gloves
  • Cooling Face Bands

PPE Solutions

Personal protective equipment is important to the safety of everyone and the most important benefit of PPE is that it is designed to protect you from infectious germs during the simplest forms of contact and interactions. Depending on the task, workers may need to cover all surfaces of their hands to keep germs away from the body and their uniform. Our line of face masks, gloves, and cooling face bands offer facial and contact protection to ensure protection for everyday interactions.

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Helpful Hints

Partitions or Barriers

Set up your patient areas to protect the patient and the medical staff with partitions or barriers.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Post hand sanitizer stations in every room, hallway, restroom, and lobbies.

Face Shields

Complete face protection helps protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from intruding air particles and airborne bacteria.

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