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Outdoor Area Checklists

  • Portable Bike Racks
  • Traffic and Parking Barriers
  • Traffic Cones and Road Signs
  • Enclosed trash receptacles
  • Hands-free Waste Disposal Bins
  • Mobile Handwashing Sinks
  • Barriers and partitions
  • HazMat Storage Buildings
  • Safety Signs

Outdoor Areas

Large gatherings are a thing of the past now, so take a look at your outdoor areas for employees.

  • Make sure tables and benches are placed for social distancing
  • Does this equipment have thermoplastic coating?
  • Outdoor signage listing social distancing protocols
  • For parking lots and bolted bike racks that are less interchangeable, use barriers, dividers, or temporary relocation
  • Mobile hand washing units can be placed throughout the grounds as well

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Helpful Hints

Outdoor Tools/Equipment

Use these to keep your outdoor areas safe and clean. Use sprayers to sanitize large outdoor areas and tools, Pressure washers for deep cleaning, and shared tools should be wiped clean after each use.

Winter & Summer Versatility

Choose tools that can be used for multi-season applications. Salt/Fertilizer spreaders, Heavy duty hoses and Hose reels, Pressure washers and Heavy duty brooms are recommended.


Select outdoor storage that will survive the elements. Plastic storage sheds, Hazmat storage buildings, Sealed lid storage bins/boxes and Specialty finishes and metals that resist rusting and corrosion are recommended.

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