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Breakroom Checklist

  • Door Stoppers
  • Sealed Plastic Storage bags
  • Touchless Soap Dispensers
  • Motion Activated Paper Roll Dispenser
  • Hands Free Waste Disposal Bins
  • Hand Sanitizer Station
  • Single Station Carts & Prep Areas
  • Mobile Hand Washing Stations

Breakrooms: Everyone needs a break

Breakrooms are often temporary sanctuaries for your employees - so how can we maintain these areas with social distancing in place?

  • Identify frequently touched surfaces like refrigerators, microwaves, coffee, and vending machines
  • Remove or re-space tables or chairs for social distancing
  • Prominent social distancing signage
  • Single station carts are ideal for appliances and prep stations to space out areas prone to traffic congestion
  • Mobile hand washing units
  • Hand washing reminder signs for all employees
  • Door stoppers to keep doors propped open

Our Top Breakroom Products

Helpful Hints

Social Distancing

Reminders to keep your distance. Floor signs, Microwave stations, Limit the number of employees/visitors in the breakroom at the same time

The Water Cooler

Don't congregate, keep your distance. Floor signs, Daily cleaning, Regular system flushes

Employee Events

Events need to be planned differently. Portable wash stations, More separation, Use outdoor space when possible, Deep cleaning before and after, Sneeze guards

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