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Bathroom Checklist

  • Toilet and Urinal Sensor Flush Valves
  • Sensor Faucets
  • Touchless Soap Dispensers
  • Motion Activated Paper Roll Dispenser
  • Hands Free Door Opener
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Bathroom Best Practices

You already have the basics for your employee or visitor restrooms, but that will need to change to accommodate new sanitary restrictions. There are many ways you can bring your restroom into a touchless or more hygienic environment.

  • Introduce touchless hand dryers, faucets, and flush valves to reduce contact with common bathroom apparatus
  • Motion-activated paper towel holders and soap dispensers
  • Install multiple drying stations to eliminate crowding around key areas
  • Stainless steel urinal screens can help promote safe distancing
  • Posted cleaning schedule

Our Top Bathroom Products

Helpful Hints


Automatic flush valves, Sensor Faucets, Automatic Soap Dispenser and Hand dryers


Make access to bathrooms in order to reduce touch points. Arm and foot style door openers, hand sanitizer outside bathroom exits and signage for awareness

Cleaning Schedule

Post cleaning schedule w/time stamps, steam cleaning & misting disinfectants and odor control systems

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