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Lobbies, Reception, and Common Area Checklist

  • Indoor Steel Garbage Cans
  • Hands-free Garbage Cans
  • Facial Tissue
  • Cleanroom Mats
  • Touchless Soap Dispensers
  • Hand Sanitizer Station
  • Anti-microbial Reception Chairs
  • Wall and Plexi-Glass Partitions
  • Mobile or compact Furniture
  • Barriers and cones
  • Welcome mats

Gathering Safely

Your lobby or reception area is the first impression a visitor will have of your company. Not only should they be kept clean and neat, but it's important to set occupancy limits.

  • Is it aligned with new distancing and safety regulations?
  • Crowd control stanchions or roping can be used in areas that cannot be as easily regulated - such as waiting rooms or reception areas
  • Designated markings or signage should be prominently placed
  • Partitions can be used to create separate areas, and clear plastic barriers can protect receptionists and visitors
  • Guest and visitor sign-in should be moved to a separate area away from the receptionist
  • Hallways and staircases need safety signs
  • Compact or mobile furniture is ideal for creating the right spacing
  • Double security door for visitor sign in

Our Top Lobby Products

Helpful Hints

Hand Sanitation Station

Use at entry and exit points of the high traffic areas of your facility. Entrance doorway, Exits, Breakroom, Locations such as Bathrooms and Conference Rooms are recommended.

Meeting Rooms

Employees will continue to hold meetings with vendors, customers, and associates. Reduce physical attendance with video conferencing or rearrange a larger space to accommodate. Remember to set a regular cleaning schedule for each room.


Create on-the-spot social distancing between areas and people to ensure safe standards. For presentations, make sure each board is cleaned before and after each use and have hand sanitizer within reach at all times.

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