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Working Learning Remotely

Our work and learning routines have changed for adults and children alike – and this new normal needs to be accommodated. As you prepare to adjust, re-evaluate the short term work and classroom spaces you initially set up, and make sure you and your child have everything in place for comfortable working and learning environments.

Stock Up On Supplies

Keeping a solid surplus of supplies will allow you and your child to stay organized. Easily replenishing pens, papers, files, educational toys, and more will create a more balanced atmosphere. Keep a checklist or a previous order receipt handy to see what you need before it runs out.

Give Your Spaces Ownership

A new home office or home classroom for more permanent remote conditions requires just a few transformative steps. While size may appear unnegotiable for either area, adding the right essential products can extend existing setups into completely functional workspaces.

Stay Organized

It is important to be aware how easily tools can accumulate across a desk throughout the work day. Without proper storage, clutter can form quickly and challenge productivity. Ensure there are labeled areas for desk supplies so they are accessible as needed, and easily stored when not in use.

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