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Global Industrial® Workbenches & Shop Desks

We understand tough, and our Global-branded workbenches are made a little more than tough enough for anything you can serve up. We also made sure they are comfortable and configurable so they work with you for light to heavy duty production, lab work, packing/shipping stations, automotive environments, or food applications. Dish it out – workbenches and shop desks from Global can take it.

Workbench Systems

Workbench Systems include adjustable height capability and Euro-style design with trestle base that can be disassembled and transported, and the solid thick tops are ideal for clamping.

Adjustable Height

Mobile Workbench

Fixed height, adjustable height, and cabinet workbenches can be moved anywhere in the workstation or to another area altogether to create a convenient work space anywhere you need it.

Fixed Height
Adjustable Height
Mobile Cabinet Workbenches

Pedestal Workbenches

These pedestal workbenches provide the stability and durability you want. The modular drawers provide additional sturdiness with filing and storage capabilities, and the mobile pedestal workbenches means you can bring it all anywhere.

Premium Pedestal Workbenches
Modular Drawer Workbenches
Mobile Pedestal Workbenches

Open Leg Workbenches

These workbenches provide more leg room space for working longer hours, and the fixed or adjustable height can meet your specific requirements.

Adjustable Height
Fixed Height

Bench Tops & Accessories

All of these accessories are designed to help you create the ideal workbench area. With risers, shelves, dividers, frames, stringers, drawers, computer and phone add-ons, and more, you can configure the exact workbench you need.

Bench Risers, Shelves & Dividers
Bench Tops
Bench Legs, Frames, Stringers & Uprights
Panels & Mounting Kits
Drawers, Cabinets & Pedestals
Bin Rails, Bins & Organizers
Tool Balancers & Tooling
Computer & Phone Accessories

Extra Long Workbenches

Workbench Extra Long

Cabinet Workbenches

Cabinet Workbench Systems
Security Cabinet Workbenches
Heavy Duty Cabinet Workbenches

Panel Leg Workbenches

Panel Leg Workbenches

Stainless Steel Workbenches

Stainless Steel Workbenches

Automotive Workbenches

Panel Leg Automotive Workbench
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