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Global Industrial® Safety & Security

Our Global-branded safety and security product offering is designed to protect you, your employees, and your property from any workplace hazard. Our protective clothing line meets OSHA and ANSI standards to ensure safety and compliance to protect gloves and hands, feet, eyes, hearing, and full body. Global safety guards and protectors, crowd control, first aid, and more are all made with the same high quality safety standards.

Safety Guards & Protectors

The Global name and branded items are synonymous with high quality, expertly made products. Our machine guards, safety bollards, guard rails, protectors, and more are all made with heavy duty materials to guarantee safety in your workshops, warehouse, machinery areas, and high traffic areas.

Machine Guards – Fixed
Safety Bollards – Fixed
Guard Rails
Bollard Sleeves
Safety Railings
Column Protectors
Overhead Door Track Protectors
Corner Guards
Safety Swing Gates

Protective Clothing

We know you work in hazardous environments, and making sure your body, hands, head and feet are properly protected from chemicals, extreme heat, or extreme cold is of paramount importance to us. Trust the Global brand to protect it all.

Disposable Coveralls & Overalls
Face Masks
Isolation Gowns & Disposable Coverings
Hi-Visibility Vests
Sleeves & Bibs

Gloves & Hand Protection

The hands know. They know when they are protected with heavy duty tensile strength for working with chemicals, or protected against sharp edges, or in medical environments. That’s why we offer a full line of protective gloves you can trust your hands to.

String Knit
Leather Palm

Crowd Control

Look for the Global brand when you need crowd control. Made from tough steel and other premium materials, our stanchions, guard rails, barricades, and security gates can keep it all under control.

Guard Rails
Retractable Belt Stanchions
Crowd Control Posts & Ropes
Plastic Chain & Stanchions
Barricades & Barriers
Security Gates
Wall Mounted Retractable Barriers

Spill Control Supplies

Spill Control Kits & Stations

Foot Protection

Footwear Covers

Eye Protection

Safety Glasses – Frameless
Visitors Spectacles

Warning Tapes

Tapes & Flags – Warnings
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