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Global Industrial® Packaging & Shipping

Our service to the packaging industry is veteran level with over 70 years of providing effective and resilient packaging supplies. We value the importance of sound and securely packaged products and offer a strong wide variety of workbenches, stretch wrap, scales, pallets, and more to get the job done.


Accuracy is everything when it comes to inventory management distribution and shipments. Global brand scales deliver on-the-spot readouts to keep the line moving.

Floor Scales
Pallet & Truck Scales
Counting Scales
Shipping & Receiving Scales

Strapping Equipment & Banding

Whether it’s steel or polypropylene, out tight printed and heavy duty steel strapping force is designed to complete all kinds of strapping demands. Our line of strapping equipment includes steel strapping tools, strapping kits, strapping carts and dispensers, and strapping machines to secure your heaviest loads.

Steel Strapping Tools
Strapping Kits
Strapping Carts & Dispensers

Tape & Dispensers

Global branded packaging sealers leave no corner package unmarked with a strong adhesive power and durability. Our line of tape and dispensers efficiently seal up openings and flaps for cartons, corrugated boxes and other rough container surfaces.

Kraft Tape & Dispensers

Stretch Wrap

We’re not kidding when our film has 250% stretch capability. Our line of clear wrap conforms to shipments of all dimensions and shapes, for complete defense against moisture, dirt and more.

Stretch Wrap Film
Wrapping Equipment

Shipping Crates & Pallets

Our containers are ISPM-15 international certified and built with stamped integral metal rails and buckles to protect and contain your products and equipment. The Global branded traditional shipping crates are designed to be lighter and easier to load than the standard shipping crate.

Shipping Crates

Protective Packaging & Edge Protectors

There’s always cargo that demands more than standard impact protection. Our line of thick woven pressure resident fabric is shock absorbent to provide strong barrier protection for your packages all the way from the warehouse to the drop off.

Dunnage Air Bags
Pallet Cones
Edge Protectors

Packing List Envelopes

Packing List Envelopes


Carton Staplers

Corrugated Boxes & Cartons

Our Global packing accessories, box cutters and more deliver high strength cutting force lifters and grabs, dollies, trucks, cradles, and more are all made with resilient steel and durable polyethylene materials to hold, move, grab, or lift whatever you need.

Carton Racks & Box Sizers
Box Cutters

Packing Workbenches

Our line of high efficient workbenches are top choice for your everyday packaging tasks. Whether it's sealing, taping, or strapping, there’s plenty of space to get the job done.

Packing Workbenches
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