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Global Industrial™ Material Handling

Material handling is in our blood. When we designed the Global line of material handling products, we made sure each nut and bolt and part was made to exact specifications to construct the best heavy duty equipment on the market. Our line of trucks and carts, dock equipment, dollies, hoists, cranes, drum barrels, and more are made with intrinsic industrial strength to handle the toughest jobs you have.

Trucks & Carts

Global-branded trucks and carts are built for hard workers and even harder work. With bulk boxes and cube trucks with capacities up to 24 bushels and 3600 lbs., to tilt and trash, stock picking, panel trucks, and utility trucks with all the bells and whistles, our trucks and carts give the word durable new meaning.

Bulk Box & Cube Trucks
Shelf Trucks
Steel Carts
Tilt & Trash
Service & Utility Carts
Stock Picking & Putaway Warehouse
Panel Trucks
Tool/Maintenance Carts
Luggage & Hotel Carts
Stainless Steel/Galvanized Carts
Security Trucks
Mail & Office Cart
Service & Food Carts
Wire Carts

Platform Trucks

Our line of platform trucks cater to every warehouse or fulfillment center need. With different sized casters and widths for varying mobility, and hard materials like wood, steel, and injection-molded polypropylene platforms, each truck is made for superior performance.

Narrow Aisle, High End

Docks & Truck Equipment

This Global-branded line of dock equipment is made to do the heavy lifting and stand up to harsh dock environments. Doors and strip curtains, security gates, dock lights, boards, and plates, to bumpers and stabilizers, each piece of equipment is made with heavy duty parts and high cycle fabrics.

Doors – Strip & Curtain
Gates – Folding Security
Chocks ‐ Wheel & Tire
Dock – Lights
Dock – Boards & Plates
Dock – Bumpers
Trailer Stabilizers & Jacks
King Pin & Glad Hand Locks, Container Seals
Cargo – Restraint Bars


Our casters are all tough enough to carry the heaviest loads. With locking swivel casters, heavy- and medium-duty to wheels, tires, and more, we stand by our casters to handle whatever you need.

Heavy Duty
Medium Duty
Floor Locks
Chair & Glides
Manufacturer Replacement
Locking Swivel

Hand Trucks & Dollies

We’re known for our material handling capabilities. With sturdy, heavy duty hand trucks, convertibles and folding trucks, to steel dollies and stair climbing trucks, the Global line offers handling versatility for moving all kinds of materials to all kinds of places.

Hand Trucks – Aluminum
Dollies – Wood
Hand Trucks – Convertible
Hand Trucks – Folding
Dollies – Plastic
Dollies – Steel & Aluminum
Hand Trucks – Appliance/Stair Climbing
Hand Trucks – Steel
Hand Trucks – Cylinder Cart
Dollies – Desk & Furniture
Hand Trucks – Ramps
Dollies – Machinery & Furniture Slides

Hoists & Cranes

From light lifts to heavy lifting, the Global brand of hoists and cranes includes slings and straps, chain hoists, trolleys, portable cranes, and lifting load magnets to handle your needs.

Lifting – Slings & Straps
Hoists – Manual Chain
Trolleys – Manual & Electric Powered
Cranes – Gantry
Cranes – Portable

Pallet Trucks & Jacks

Our Global brand of pallet trucks and carts are already well-known in the industry as best-in-class for moving, lifting and scaling warehouse pallets. Our trucks and jacks are built with rugged construction for resilience in the toughest environments.

Replacement Pallet Truck Parts
Best Value
Skid Lifts & Container Tilt Trucks
Self Propelled Electric
Galvanized & Stainless Steel
Dual Direction
Quick Lift

Drums & Barrels

Global spill control drums, lifters and grabs, dollies, trucks, cradles, and more are all made with resilient steel and durable polyethylene materials to hold, move, grab, or lift whatever you need.

Spill Control – Drums
Lifters & Grabs
Trucks & Cradles
Lift Trucks
Drums Barrels & Pails

Scissor Lifts & Lift Tables

Our lift tables, pallet carousels, rotators, and skids are the best value in the market. Built tougher than tough to resist harsh environments, the Global brand guarantees the best performance at the best price.

Lift Tables – Scissor
Pallet Carousels, Rotators & Skids
Lift Tables – Mobile Tilting

Forklifts & Attachments

Forks and extensions, cranes, hooks, lights, jacks, battery transporters, and more are all made with the same precision-tooling and exacting manufacturing as every Global brand we offer.

Forks & Extensions
Cranes & Hooks
Battery Transporters

Medical & Maintenance Carts

Medical – Computer Carts
Medical – Supply Carts


Portable & Flexible

Lift Trucks

Self-Propelled & Powered Lift
Manual Lift
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