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Global Industrial® Janitorial & Facility Maintenance

Our line of Global-branded janitorial and maintenance machinery and supplies are made with premium precision tooling and industrial-level strength to give you high quality, deep cleaning ability at a competitive cost. With everything from a large family of floor care machines and recycling and trash containers, to a full catalog of cleaning supplies and equipment, trust the Global brand to keep all your spaces clean.

Garbage Cans & Recycling

Global garbage and recycling cans come in many forms – from steel slotted for outdoor to plastic indoor and recycling containers – and every single one is made with industrial strength wired into its DNA.

Steel – Outdoor
Plastic – Indoor
Plastic – Outdoor
Steel – Indoor
Ash & Trash
Deskside Wastebaskets
Hands Free

Floor Care Machines & Vacuums

We bring serious floor cleaning equipment to the table with this complete line of equipment and accessories to vacuum, clean, or polish everything from office floors to warehouse concrete.

Accessories – Floor Pads & Brushes
Floor Machines
Vacuums Wet Dry
Floor Burnishers
Vacuums HEPA
Vacuums Upright
Floor Dryers, Blowers
Vacuums Stick & Sweeping

Cleaning Supplies

There’s always something to clean, whether it’s general purpose cleaning, bathrooms, glass, polishers, and more, our full line includes sponges, rags, wipes, disinfectants and whatever else you need to keep it all clean.

Cloth Rags & Towel
Chemical Dispensers
Cleaning Wipers
Floor Cleaners
Sponges & Scouring Pads
Bathroom Cleaners
Hand Cleaners
General Purpose Cleaners
Disinfectants & Sanitizers
Glass Cleaners
Metal Cleaners & Polishes
Drain Openers
Cleaning Tools
Specialty Chemicals
Oven & Grill Cleaners

Trash Bags

Trash Bags & Liners

Bathroom Supplies

Keeping bathrooms clean and fresh is easy with our category offering of supplies. We carry soap dispensers, odor control, hand sanitizers, toilet tissue dispensers, feminine hygiene containers, and even grab bars for safety and compliance.

Soap Dispensers
Odor Control
Towel Dispensers
Toilet Tissue Dispensers
Soap & Lotions
Feminine Hygiene
Toilet Seat Covers & Dispensers


With a catalog of mop heads and handles, mob buckets and wringers, to wet floor signs and more, this line has what it takes for serious-minded cleaning.

Mop Heads & Handles
Mop Buckets & Wringers
Floor Signs

Mats & Runners


Janitorial & Cleaning Carts

This house the ultimate collection of products for housekeeping and hotel cleaning management.

Janitorial & Cleaning
Housekeeping & Hotel

Paper Supplies

Natural or white roll supplies will keep you in toilet tissue, facial tissues, and paper towels as needed.

Toilet Tissue & Paper
Paper Towels

Hand Dryers & Towel Dispensers

These no-touch and one-touch hand dryers and towel dispensers keep everyone sanitary.

Towel Dispensers
Hand Dryers

Leak Diverter – Tarps

Leak Diverter – Tarps


Broom & Dust Pans

Bathroom Partitions

Stainless Steel

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