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Floor Care Solutions for Every Environment
Keeping floors clean can range from a general sweep-and-collect to larger industrial and commercial jobs. With all the different floor types, the size of the area to clean, the kind of debris being cleaned to the cleaning frequency, maneuverability, and general maintenance requirements, proper floor care equipment - like the jobs - come in all different shapes and sizes.

Floor Scrubbers

Self-Propelled Scrubbers

Perfect for navigating through doorways and smaller spaces, so they're good for cleaning showrooms, office spaces, breakrooms, and more. View More
Self-Propelled Scrubbers

Pad Assist Scrubbers

These machines 'assist' the operator forward by the friction of the scrub deck against the floor. Simply tilt the machine forward to enable the spinning pad. View More
Pad Assist Cleaners

Floor Machines

Floor Machines

It's all about speed

Whether you select a low speed (150-175 RPMs) or a high speed machine (200-330 PRMs), floor machines are designed to strip, scrub, and provide low polish on most types of hard floor surfaces – including concrete.
Low speed machines
  • Use in areas of less than 2,000 sq. ft. or space with obstacles
  • Pad diameters range from 13" to 20"
  • Used in open spaces such as classrooms, gymnasium floors, cafeterias, and more
High speed machines
  • Best for use in larger areas with less obstacles
  • Single and dual speed available
  • Standard pads are 17" - 20" diameter
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WET DRY VACUUMS These vacuums can be used to pick up debris, dust, water and other liquids. Wet dry vacs are frequently used to resolve flooding or water damage as they provide heavy duty drying power.
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CANISTER VACUUMS Canister vacuums deliver almost twice the power and are easier to maneuver than uprights, so they are ideal for offices, foodservice, industrial, and commercial floors. The hose and suction power can be used for under and around furniture or stairs.
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HEPA VACUUMS HEPA backpack vacuums trap particles that can trigger asthma or allergies, and provide constant air flow that direct exhaust away from the user.Backpack design provides mobility throughout your facility.
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STICK VACUUMS Stick vacuums are a lightweight version of an upright. They are used to pick up daily dirt and unexpected dry messes in between routine vacuuming. Lightweight, easy to store, and very easy to use. Features like swivel steering and attachments enhance its use for light duty and small space applications.
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BACKPACK VACUUMS Backpack vacuums provide cleaning power and mobility for cleaning industrial and commercial areas. The attached hose can be lifted easily and get into hard-to-reach areas in office spaces. Look for one that directs exhaust away from the user.
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HAND HELD/PORTABLE VACUUMS These vacuums are lightweight and easy to use for smaller areas like vehicle interiors, stairs, around furniture, and on carpeting. Find one with a long power cord and ample filtration for going from space to space and to clean larger areas.
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ROBOTIC VACUUMS Robotic vacuum cleaners are compact, computerized cleaners that automatically glide around designated areas. Spinning brushes pick up dirt and debris and send it to the vacuum storage bin. These vacuums are battery powered, so check the battery charge life against the areas to clean.
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WIDE AREA VACUUMS This cleans large open areas quickly and efficiently. Brush barrier directs dirt and debris into the oversized vacuum inlet, and the chevron pattern brush is for grooming. Adapts to dry debris and wet removal easily. UL and CUL listed.
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WALL MOUNT VACUUMS Wall mounted vacuums take up less room while providing enough cleaning power for vehicle interiors, garage floors, industrial and commercial warehouse floors, storerooms, and more. The long hose cleans hard-to-reach areas easily, and the automatic float shut off prevents wet pickup overflow.
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UPRIGHT VACUUMS Uprights use motorized brushes for thorough cleaning of thick carpets and rugs. They also easily transition between floors and carpets and have a wide cleaning path, so they provide cleaning power for large areas, offices, storerooms, or industrial spaces.
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GARAGE VACUUMS Garage vacuums are made with steel tanks and powerful amps to handle wet or dry messes, and include attachments for hard to reach spaces inside vehicles or area corners. Long hoses allow versatility in garages, workrooms, laundry rooms, and more. Wall-mounted models save space.
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Floor Burnishers

Floor Burnishers

It's time to shine

Burnishing and buffing can restore gloss and shine to floors, as well as provide residual cleaning. The higher the RPM speed, the higher the shine.
  • The finish produced by burnishers is smoother and easily maintained
  • Normal mode of operation is in a straight line pass
  • Machines generate friction which smooths floor finishes (evening out highs and lows of finish)
  • Low sound levels and vibration increase user comfort.
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Serious Drying Power

Floor Dryers

Dry is good

Floor dryers are used for everything from flood recovery efforts, mold and mildew removal, restoration efforts and more when removing excess water and dampness quickly is a priority. What do you need? You need constant drying power with the flexibility of varying speeds and varying height levels so you can direct drying air where it's needed. Portable dryers will dry and help circulate hot air around a room - but make sure the area is ventilated so moist air can escape.

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Carpet Extractors & Sweepers

Carpet Extractors There are two types of carpet extractors:

Box extractors - pump water from the solution tank to the upholstery tool or wand, then extracted through the wand and vacuum hose to the recovery tank.

Self-contained extractors - pump water from the solution tank directly to the brushes. The vacuum bar vacuums the dirty water into the recovery tank. View More
It's A Clean Sweep Sweepers are designed to increase productivity, while driving down the total cost to clean. Some sweepers can be used indoor and outdoor. View More


Cleaning & Scrubbing Pads

As a general rule, floor machine pads are color-coded with the darkest color having the most abrasive grit: black, purple, brown, green, red, blue, red, and white. Determine the hardness of the finish, your maintenance frequency, the chemical being used (cleaning, stripping, wax, or polyurethane solution) and the equipment before choosing a pad. View More
From tile and hardwood to carpet, we've got your floor covered.
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