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  • Bel-Art Sampling Spoons

    Bel-Art Sampling Spoons
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    Bel-Art Sampling Spoons Are Used For Safely Measuring And Transferring Material In Laboratories.

    Bel-Art Sampling Spoons are made with a long handle for easy reaching into jars and bottles, minimizing contact with sampled materials. Spoons are made using sterile polystyrene or non-sterile polystyrene. Available in 1/4 Teaspoon, 1/2 Teaspoon, Teaspoon and Tablespoon sizes. Sold in case quantities.

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  • Bel-Art Long-Handled Dippers

    Bel-Art Long-Handled Dippers
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    Bel-Art Long-Handled Dippers Are Used For Taking Samples From Tanks, Vats, Bodies Of Water And More.

    Bel-Art Long-Handled Dippers are made using high-density polyethylene for easy flotation and resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Handles are welded to rigid bowl at a 45° angle to prevent spillage. Dippers are available in lengths ranging from 3' up to 12', with bowl sizes in 16 oz. or 32 oz.

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  • Sampling Scoops

    Sampling Scoops
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    Sampling Scoops Are Used For Applications Including Hospitality, Commercial, Retail, And More.

    Sampling scoops are made of polystyrene for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Scoops allow convenient dry sample access and handling. Units remain upright when placed on flat surface providing weigh boat versatility. Handle length increases scoop reach for user convenience. Various color options prevent sample cross contamination. Accommodates wide-mouth containers. Individually sealed and sterilized. Package quantities are 1, 10, and 100. Colors are Black, Blue, Red, and White. Dimensions vary per model.

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  • Sampling Spatulas

    Sampling Spatulas
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    Sampling Spatulas Are Used For Applications Including Medical, Laboratory, Educational, And More.

    Sampling spatulas are made of high quality materials for long lasting durability and dependability. Spatulas allow convenient media access and handling including powdered, flaked, crystalline, granular, and more. V-shape with sturdy point accommodates sample handling, quality inspections, and lined package piercing. Units may be used for dislodging caked or crystallized reagents from within tall receptacles or vessels. Available styles include 7-Piece Micro Spoon/Spatula Weighing Set, Anti-Static Spatula, and Sterileware® Sampling Spatula. Package quantities are 1, 12, 50, and 100. Colors are Black, Stainless Steel, and White. FDA approved. Dimensions vary per model.

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  • Bel-Art Sampling Sticks

    Bel-Art Sampling Sticks
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    Bel-Art Sampling Sticks Are Used For Mixing Samples, Handling Capsules, Scraping Containers And More.

    Bel-Art Sampling Sticks are made using 100% plant-based polylactic acid resin to lessen environmental impact. Sticks are FDA-approved for food, drug and cosmetic contact. Non-sterile. Avaialble in package quantities of 100 or 500.

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  • Bel-Art Bellows Samplers

    Bel-Art Bellows Samplers
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    Bel-Art Bellows Samplers Are Used For Transferring Small Amounts Of Liquid In Laboratory Settings.

    Bel-Art Bellows Samplers are made using polyethylene and feature a long tapered tip with a 4mm opening. Bellows samplers are made for easy one-hand operation. Available in capacities of 20mL or 50 mL.

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  • Bel-Art Curvette Mixer

    Bel-Art Curvette Mixer
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    Cuvette Mixers And Washer Are Used For Use And Maintenance Of Chemical Cuvette Tubes.

    Cuvette Mixers And Washer are made for long lasting durability and dependability. Stir & Add™ Cuvette Mixers are clear acrylic, straight handled tools used for use when reactions are performed directly into cuvettes to mix added reagents. Up and down motion in cell provides complete mixing. Available in 5 or 8-7/8 inch lengths. Vakuwash® Cuvette Washer is specially designed to clean cuvettes. Comes with a 500 cc polypropylene vacuum flask, Vikem® vinyl stopper and 3 foot PVC tubing for connection to vacuum line. Minimum cuvette inside diameter must be 3 mm or larger to fit over spray nozzle.

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  • Bel-Art Stirring Paddle

    Bel-Art Stirring Paddle
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    Stirring Paddle Is Used For Mixing Liquids In Large Vats And Tanks.

    Stirring Paddle is made of chemical resistant high density polyethylene material for long lasting durability and dependability. 3 foot length, 1 inch diameter handled mixing tool is used for use with vats, tanks or other large size liquid containers. Paddle measures 7-5/8 x 15-3/16 inches.

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  • Bel-Art Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini Mortar

    Bel-Art Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini Mortar
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    Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini Mortar Is Used For Cold Grinding Of Tissue Samples.

    Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini Mortar is solidly made for long lasting durability and dependability. Stainless steel mortar has welded fixture to hold a 1-1/2 ml microcentrifuge tube that allows cold grinding of small amounts of tissue directly in the tube, resulting in reduced sample loss and collection time. Liquid nitrogen is nested in a heavily insulated blue polyethylene housing that surrounds the mortar. Includes 5 inch length stainless steel pestle with 3/4 x 4 inch polyethylene handle to pulverize tissue. Suction feet keep unit stable on workbench.

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  • Gas Sampling Bulbs

    Gas Sampling Bulbs
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    Bel-Art F19953-0000 Polypropylene Gas Sampling Bulb with Stopcock Ends, 250cc

    Polypropylene gas sampling bulbs have polypropylene stopcocks with free-turning Teflon® PTFE plugs. Ends accept 6.4 to 9.5mm (1/4 to 3/8") I.D. tubing. Tube body is 5.1cm (2") O.D. x 22.2cm (8-3/4") long. Stopcocks are 6.4cm (2-1/2") long. Maximum recommended pressure is 15 psi. F19953-0000 has 4mm straight bore stopcock on each end. Overall length 32cm (12-1/2").

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  • Sampling Knives

    Sampling Knives
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    Bel-Art H36965-0000 Sterileware® Individually Wrapped Sterile Sampling Knives, 8-1/4"L, 200/PK

    Ideal for cutting small samples from fibrous pieces, this sterile polystyrene plastic sampler knife has a blade that is serrated on one edge and smooth on the other. The serrated edge is capable of cutting seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables and other fibrous materials. Individually packaged, sterilized by gamma irradiation, lot stamped for accurate lot tracing, and shipped with a Certificate of Processing for Sterilization.

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  • Sampling Spoons and Spatulas

    Sampling Spoons and Spatulas
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    Bel-Art H36809-0040 Stainless Steel 70ml Ellipso-Spoon and Spatula Samplers, 40cm Length, 1/PK

    This utensil's specially curved shape permits contact with all corners of bottles and containers; therefore, no loss of material occurs. Crystals, powders, granulated and solid substances, and even thick liquids are easily retrieved and never fall back into the container. The Ellipso-Spoon® Sampler has a spoon end and a spatula end and is made of polished 304 grade stainless steel.

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  • Grinders

    See all 2 items in product family
    Bel-Art F37250-0010 Micro-Mill® II Grinder, 115VAC, 60Hz, 12" x 10-1/4" x 6-1/4"

    The Micro-Mill® II Grinder is ideal for rapid, high speed milling of small samples from 20 to 50ml. The 1/5 horsepower (150 Watt) motor drives a stainless steel blade that quickly pulverizes bauxite, bone, ceramics, coal, Devorda's alloy, fertilizer, filter paper, fly ash, frozen tissue, glass, grain, kaolinites, leaves, limestone, frozen tissue, pharmaceuticals, pigment blends, rocks, roots, shale, seeds, slags, soil, teeth, wood, and more! This motor is designed to provide continuous high torque to maintain blade velocity for fastest sample pulverizing. The two-position rocker switch allows either pulse or continuous operation to match with sample requirements. The rocker switch includes a light that illuminates when the unit is properly assembled and ready for use. Additional safety features include a built-in switch that prevents grinder operation unless all parts are completely assembled to the base and a resettable circuit breaker that protects the mill if the sample jams the blade. Non-skid feet prevent movement of the mill during use and won't mar benchtops. The grinding chamber assembly is removable to allow complete sample recovery and cleaning. An additional accessory grinding chamber can be used to reduce cross contamination between dissimilar samples. The accessory chamber includes upper and lower grinding chamber sections with blade and is ready for immediate assembly to the Micro-Mill® II Grinder. For users pulverizing very hard material, a stellite faced hard blade is available (H37258-0000). Softer samples or temperature-sensitive samples, such as frozen tissue, leaves, roots, seeds and wood can be processed by adding dry ice to the grinding chamber during processing. Supplied with a 1.8M (6 ft) 3-wire grounded cord. CE marked. Overall dimensions are 30.5 x 26 x 15.9 cm high (12" x 10-1/4" x 6-1/4"). Shipping weight: 2.72 kg (6 lbs). CE marked.

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  • Scrapers

    See all 2 items in product family
    Scrapers Are Used For Applications Including Medical, Laboratory, Educational, And More.

    Scrapers are made of plastic and polystyrene for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Scoops allow convenient dry sample access and handling. Handle is designed for grip comfort and stability. Chisel-edged, triangular blade is wide tapered for unit efficiency. Available styles include Anti-Static Dough Scraper, Smooth Chisel-Type Rigid Scraper, and Triangular Scraper. Package quantity is 1. Colors are Black and White. FDA approved. Dimensions vary per model.

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  • Mini-Sieve™ Micro Sieve Set

    Mini-Sieve™ Micro Sieve Set
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    Mini-Sieve™ Micro Sieve Set

    This micro sieve set consists of a stack of four interchangeable screen holding sections, a catch pan, a cover and four screen retaining rings. All parts are molded of polypropylene. Sections are friction-fit and easy to assemble and take apart for sample retrieval. Sorting parameters can be changed by exchanging the removable phosphor-bronze mesh inserts, (eight included, one each: 25, 35, 45, 60, 80, 120, 170 and 230 standard mesh). Each holding section is 56 mm (2-1/4") I.D. x 41 mm (1-5/5") high, and holds about 60 cc. Dimensions of the assembled set with pan and cover are 21.6cm (8-1/2") high x 7.2cm (2-1/8") maximum diameter. Additional mesh inserts: Pack of 8 Phosphor-Bronze screen inserts, 1 each of 25, 35, 45, 60, 80, 120, 170 and 230 standard mesh.

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  • Sampler Syringes

    Sampler Syringes
    See all 1 items in product family
    Sampler Syringes

    Sample liquids quickly and easily - simply squeeze the bulb, submerse the syringe in liquid, and then release the bulb to draw liquids into the syringe. Sampler can be inverted and the liquid will be contained in the graduated bulb. Low-density polyethylene squeeze bulb is graduated in 5ml increments with 100ml maximum capacity. Polypropylene syringe is also graduated and can hold 30ml (1oz). Manufactured with FDA grade materials. Not recommended for use with liquids whose temperature is greater than 80°C (176°F). Reusable, the syringe can be unscrewed from bulb for easy cleaning and storage. Overall length 30cm (11-3/4").

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  • Churn Sample Splitters

    Churn Sample Splitters
    See all 1 items in product family
    Churn Sample Splitters

    Provides an efficient method of preparing subsamples of collected water-sediment mixtures from stream flows for water quality analysis. Water sediment samples are poured into the sample splitter where they are composited into one representative cross section sample of the stream flow. This composite can now be split into the required four to sixteen representative subsamples. The polyethylene sample splitter consists of a thick walled cylindrical vessel with a disc churn. A center handle extends through the cover and a locating notch keeps it oriented in one direction. A small polypropylene spring-loaded spigot drains the subsamples into bottles for delivery to the water quality laboratory. A carrying handle makes carrying the full or empty vessel easy. Intended to meet USGS water sampling protocol. Lid and spigot are replaceable.

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