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The weather changes and your needs change. We’re stocked with the right equipment at the right time to keep your goals on track. The one thing that will never change is our commitment to helping you thrive. When you need world-class products and service, call Global.

Featured Products

  • Portable Electric Heaters

    Portable Electric Heaters

    Keep the cold out of your warehouse, factory, assembly rooms, garages, and more with convenient portable heaters that gradually create comfortable warmth wherever you need it.

  • Commercial Portable AC

    On-the-spot cooling for electrical heat load environments like server rooms, plants, laboratories, hospitals and more.

  • Commercial Fans

    Commercial Fans

    Pedestal, wall mount, and workstation style fixed or oscillating fans provide air distribution in your factories, offices, warehouse, and everywhere else.

  • Snow & Ice Removal

    Snow & Ice Removal

    Our snow and ice removal supplies and equipment bust through snow and ice like the powerhouse products they are to keep all your walkways and parking lots safe.

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