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You save lives. We save you money and time. Not only do we have everything from hand sanitation solutions to bedside carts to medical waste bins, we have a team 100% committed to the health of your business. When you need world-class products and service, call Global.

Featured Products

  • Floor Scrubbers

    Floor Scrubbers

    Industrial strength cleaning power for industrial-sized dirt in rider or push models to clean and shine all kinds of floors.

  • Wire Shelving

    Wire Shelving

    Open air design minimizes dust accumulation and seriously reinforced shelves hold nearly everything you’ve got.

  • Cleaning Carts

    Cleaning Carts

    Complete cart with storage shelves and collection bag to hold cleaning supplies and equipment like mops and brooms, buckets, disinfecting caddies, and more.

  • Cleaning Supplies

    Cleaning Supplies

    From general purpose cleaners to specific area cleaners for floors, carpets and more, we’ll get it clean no matter how messy it is.

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