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Open Leg Work Bench

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Fixed Height (1,308)
Fixed Height Work Benches
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Width Inches
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Top Construction
Ash Butcher Block Safety Edge (3)
ESD Safety Edge (4)
ESD Square Edge (4)
Maple Butcher Block Safety Edge (3)
Maple Butcher Block Square Edge (6)
Plastic Laminate Safety Edge (3)
Plastic Laminate Square Edge (7)
Shop Top Safety Edge (3)
Shop Top Square Edge (7)
Stainless Steel Square Edge (3)
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Fixed Height Work Benches
Fixed Height Work Benches Fixed Height Work Benches Are Built To Withstand Years Of Heavy Duty Use.

These industrial work benches feature steel channel construction for long-lasting durability. Available in both Standard Square Edge or Safety Comfort Edge that eliminates accidents by rounding off sharp corners. Choose between Plastic Laminate, Butcher Block, ESD, Shop Top, Steel and Stainless Steel. Legs feature double knockouts and have a scratch resistant powder coat finish.

Fixed Height Work Benches
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4830341-1/2Shop Top Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183439 $176.95$162.95
6030341-1/2Shop Top Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183440 $189.95$175.95
4830341-5/8Plastic Laminate Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB601418 $195.95$181.95
4830341-3/4Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183400 $197.95$184.95
4836341-3/4Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183402 $203.95$189.95
6030341-5/8Plastic Laminate Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB601420 $203.95$189.95
6030341-3/4Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183404 $209.95$195.95
6030341 3/4Shop Top Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183975 $214.95$200.95
6036341-3/4Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183406 $214.95$200.95
7230341-3/4Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183408 $217.95$203.95
6036341-1/2Shop Top Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183442 $220.95$206.95
7230341-5/8Plastic Laminate Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB601424 $227.95$213.95
7230341-1/2Shop Top Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183444 $228.95$214.95
4830341-1/4ESD Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB237343 $229.95$215.95
7236341-1/2Shop Top Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183446 $241.95$227.95
7230341-3/4Shop Top Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183976 $244.95$229.95
6036341-5/8Plastic Laminate Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB601422 $246.95$230.95
7236341-3/4Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183410 $255.95$241.95
6030341-3/4Ash Butcher Block Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB579113 $256.95$242.95
6030341-1/4ESD Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB252384 $257.95$243.95
9630341-1/2Shop Top Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183447 $268.95$254.95
4830341-1/4ESD Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB237345 $269.95$255.95
7236341-5/8Plastic Laminate Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB601426 $269.95$255.95
4830341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183427 $271.95$257.95
6030341-5/8Plastic Laminate Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183981 $277.95$263.95
7230341-1/4ESD Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB252385 $279.95$264.95
6030341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183428 $282.95$268.95
7230341-3/4Ash Butcher Block Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB579114 $282.95$268.95
7236341-1/2Shop Top Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183977 $284.95$270.95
9636341-1/2Shop Top Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183448 $291.95$277.95
9630341-5/8Plastic Laminate Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB601428 $306.95$291.95
7230341-5/8Plastic Laminate Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183982 $307.95$293.95
7230341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183432 $313.95$299.95
6030341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183978 $329.95$315.95
6030341-1/4ESD Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB250222 $333.95$317.95
7236341-1/4ESD Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB252386 $341.95$327.95
7230341-1/4ESD Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB250223 $347.95$333.95
7236341-3/4Ash Butcher Block Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB579115 $350.95$336.95
7236341-5/8Plastic Laminate Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183983 $350.95$336.95
6036341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183430 $364.95$350.95
9636341-5/8Plastic Laminate Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB601430 $387.95$373.95
7230341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183979 $389.95$375.95
4830341-1/2Stainless Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB239121 $402.95$387.95
7236341-1/4ESD Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB250224 $404.95$389.95
7236341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183434 $423.95$409.95
7236341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Safety EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183980 $434.95$420.95
6030341-1/2Stainless Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB239122 $454.95$440.95
7230341-1/2Stainless Steel Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB239123 $511.00$496.95
9636341-3/4Maple Butcher Block Square EdgeGlobal Industrial
WB183436 $592.00$577.00

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