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Wood & Plastic Laminate (349)
Wood And Plastic Laminate Lockers
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Wood And Plastic Laminate Lockers
Wood And Plastic Laminate Lockers This Selection Of Country Club Lockers Are Available In Wood And Plastic Laminate.

Enhance decor and provide security to any club and athletic looker room environment with these Wood and Laminate Lockers. These country club lockers are manufactured with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Locker sides, top and bottom are made of 3/4" industrial grade #47 particleboard with stain and impact resistant white Melamine finish inside and out. Locker back is the same particleboard in a 1/2" thickness. All exposed edges are finished with matching edge banding. These club lockers include number plates and heavy duty keyed cam locks for security. Wooden Lockers feature highly durable 3/4" solid wood raised panels. Wood locker surfaces are finished with 1 coat of sealer and 2 coats of lacquer for maximum durability. Laminate Lockers feature high pressure laminate doors.
Single Tier Athletic Lockers include hat shelf and 2 coat hooks. Double Tier Storage Lockers have 2 coat hooks. Delivered assembled. All storage lockers are Non-returnable. 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Choose Chrome or Brass hardware. Wood lockers are available in Oak or Cherry Finish. Plastic laminate lockers are available in Oak, Mahogany or White. For customized lockers and other finishes, please call us at (888) 711-6550.

Matching Finish Side Panel covers exposed row end, sold separately. One required per exposed side.

Wood And Plastic Laminate Lockers
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Plastic LaminateWhite1151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237926BWH $241.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite2121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237927BWH $244.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite2151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237928BWH $256.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite5121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237933BWH $291.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany2151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237928BMH $256.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany5121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237933BMH $291.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany5151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237934BMH $300.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite1121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237925BWH $228.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak5151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237934BAK $300.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany1121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237925BMH $228.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany1151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237926BMH $241.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany2121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237927BMH $244.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak1151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237926BAK $241.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak2121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237927BAK $253.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak2151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237928BAK $256.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak5121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237933BAK $291.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak1121672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237925BAK $235.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite5121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237933CWH $314.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite5151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237934CWH $321.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite2151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237928CWH $274.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite2121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237927CWH $262.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite1151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237926CWH $257.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite1121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237925CWH $243.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany5151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237934CMH $321.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany5121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237933CMH $314.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany2151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237928CMH $274.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany2121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237927CMH $262.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany1151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237926CMH $257.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateMahogany1121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237925CMH $243.95  
WB237914MH $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak5151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237934CAK $321.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak5121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237933CAK $314.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak2151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237928CAK $274.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak2121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237927CAK $266.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak1151672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237926CAK $257.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateOak1121672Flat PanelChrome Keyed
WB237925CAK $243.95  
WB237914AK $58.95
Plastic LaminateWhite5151672Flat PanelBrass Keyed
WB237934BWH $300.95  
WB237914WH $58.95
WoodCherry5151672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237924BCY $427.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodCherry2121672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237917BCY $304.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodCherry1151672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237916BCY $302.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodCherry5121672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237923BCY $392.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodCherry2151672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237918BCY $317.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodOak5121672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237923BAK $392.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodOak2151672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237918BAK $317.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodCherry1121672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237915BCY $289.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodOak5151672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237924BAK $427.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodOak1121672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237915BAK $289.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodCherry5151672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237924CCY $427.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodOak2121672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237917BAK $304.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodOak1151672Raised PanelBrass Keyed
WB237916BAK $302.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodCherry2151672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237918CCY $317.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodCherry5121672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237923CCY $392.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodCherry1151672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237916CCY $304.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodCherry2121672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237917CCY $304.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodOak5151672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237924CAK $427.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodCherry1121672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237915CCY $289.95  
WB237913CY $110.95
WoodOak2151672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237918CAK $317.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodOak5121672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237923CAK $392.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodOak1151672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237916CAK $302.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodOak2121672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237917CAK $304.95  
WB237913AK $110.95
WoodOak1121672Raised PanelChrome Keyed
WB237915CAK $289.95  
WB237913AK $110.95

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