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Lyon (432)
Lyon Ready To Assemble Steel Locker With Recessed Handle
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21 (4)
Width Inches
12 (70)
15 (14)
18 (8)
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12 (30)
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24 (4)
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Lyon Ready To Assemble Steel Locker With Recessed Handle
Lyon Ready To Assemble Steel Locker With Recessed Handle Lyon Ready To Assemble Steel Lockers Create Secure Storage For Personal Items In Schools, Gyms, Warehouses, Hospitals And Other Facilities.

Lyon Ready To Assemble Steel Lockers are solidly constructed for long lasting durability. Lyon storage lockers include a padlockable hasp (lock sold separately) within the recessed handle to provide a catch-free surface. Single Tier Steel Lockers are practical and widely used as school lockers. Two Person Lockers feature 2 compartments for each occupant. Four, Five and Six Tier Box Lockers are used for the storage of high density or individual belongings and supplies. Lyon recommends anchoring steel lockers to floor and/or wall for safety. Single or double prong coat hooks available with some models. Available types are One to Six Tier, Four Person Wall, Two Person, and 16 Person Lockers. Color finishes are Gray and Putty. Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty. Dimensions vary per model.

Lyon Ready To Assemble Steel Locker With Recessed Handle
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12181216 Person--PuttyUnassembled
WB562750PY $769.00
12181216 Person--GrayUnassembled
WB562750GY $769.00
121230Double Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562740GY $197.95
121230Double Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562740PY $197.95
121236Double Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562540PY $203.95
121236Double Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562540GY $203.95
151536Double Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562742GY $214.95
151536Double Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562742PY $214.95
121536Double Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562542PY $214.95
121536Double Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562542GY $214.95
121836Double Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562544GY $221.95
121836Double Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562544PY $221.95
121230Double Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562741GY $503.00
121230Double Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562741PY $503.00
121236Double Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562541PY $526.00
121236Double Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562541GY $526.00
121536Double Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562543PY $547.00
121536Double Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562543GY $547.00
151536Double Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562743GY $554.00
151536Double Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562743PY $554.00
121836Double Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562545GY $567.00
121836Double Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562545PY $567.00
121212Five Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562546GY $226.95
121212Five Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562546PY $226.95
121512Five Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562548GY $229.95
121512Five Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562548PY $229.95
151512Five Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562550GY $258.95
151512Five Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562550PY $258.95
121212Five Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562547GY $575.00
121212Five Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562547PY $575.00
121512Five Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562549GY $592.00
121512Five Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562549PY $592.00
151512Five Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562551GY $670.00
151512Five Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562551PY $670.00
451813-3/4Four Person Wall4 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562752PY $327.95
451813-3/4Four Person Wall4 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562752GY $327.95
121212Four Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562746PY $198.95
121212Four Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562746GY $198.95
121212Four Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562747PY $548.00
121212Four Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562747GY $548.00
121260Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562526PY $167.95
121260Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562526GY $167.95
121560Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562528GY $168.95
121560Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562528PY $168.95
121860Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562530GY $176.95
121860Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562530PY $176.95
121272Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562532GY $184.95
121272Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562532PY $184.95
121572Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562534GY $184.95
121572Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562534PY $184.95
121872Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562536PY $191.95
121872Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562536GY $191.95
151872Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562538PY $215.95
151872Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562538GY $215.95
181872Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562736GY $222.95
181872Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562736PY $222.95
182172Single Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562738GY $235.95
182172Single Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562738PY $235.95
121260Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562527PY $417.95
121260Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562527GY $417.95
121560Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562529GY $434.95
121560Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562529PY $434.95
121860Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562531GY $459.95
121860Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562531PY $459.95
121272Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562533GY $469.95
121272Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562533PY $469.95
121572Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562535GY $486.95
121572Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562535PY $486.95
121872Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562537PY $497.95
121872Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562537GY $497.95
151872Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562539PY $577.00
151872Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562539GY $577.00
181872Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562737GY $581.00
181872Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562737PY $581.00
182172Single Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562739GY $603.00
182172Single Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562739PY $603.00
121212Six Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562552PY $255.95
121212Six Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562552GY $255.95
121512Six Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562554PY $270.95
121512Six Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562554GY $270.95
121812Six Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562556PY $282.95
121812Six Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562556GY $282.95
121212Six Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562553PY $659.00
121212Six Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562553GY $659.00
121512Six Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562555PY $700.00
121512Six Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562555GY $700.00
121812Six Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562557PY $725.00
121812Six Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562557GY $725.00
121524Three Tier1 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562744PY $274.95
121524Three Tier1 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562744GY $274.95
121524Three Tier3 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562745PY $715.00
121524Three Tier3 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562745GY $715.00
151872Two Person Locker2 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562748PY $368.95
151872Two Person Locker2 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562748GY $368.95
451872Two Person Locker6 WidePuttyUnassembled
WB562749PY $980.00
451872Two Person Locker6 WideGrayUnassembled
WB562749GY $980.00

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Padlock With 2 Keys Lyon Built-In Cylinder Key Lock With 2 Keys NF7020 Master Lock® Built-In Combo Lock For 1, 2 And 3 Tier Lockers Master Lock® Combination Padlock 3/4" Shackle
Padlock With 2 Keys Lyon Built-In Cylinder Key Lock With 2 Keys NF7020 Master Lock® Built-In Combo Lock For 1, 2 And 3 Tier Lockers Master Lock® Combination Padlock 3/4" Shackle
Secure steel padlock. Includes 2 keys. Rubber bumper protects surfaces from marring. Lyon Built-In Cylinder Key Lock With 2 Keys NF7020 Master Lock® #1630. For left handle, right hinged, 1, 2 & 3 tier locker doors.

This Master Lock® combination lock features a 3/4" thick nickel plated hardened steel shackle that is rust resistant.
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