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Drinking Fountains

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Water Coolers - Wall (265)
Elkay® Wall Mount ADA Barrier-Free Water Coolers
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1.4 (1)
8 (43)
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Elkay® Wall Mount ADA Barrier-Free Water Coolers
Elkay® Wall Mount ADA Barrier-Free Water Coolers Elkay® ADA Barrier-Free Coolers Meet Adult Or Child ADA Standards When Properly Installed.

Wall-mounted drinking fountains feature a universal structure for easy installation into existing plumbing systems. Impact-resistant vinyl coating ensures lasting durability. The Flexi-Guard Anti-Microbial Safety Bubbler prevents growth of bacteria and is keyed into position to stay firmly in place. Each unit runs on 115 Volts and 5 Amps and delivers 8 Gallons Of Chilled Water Per Hour. Extra-deep basin minimizes splashback and features an integrated drain for easy maintenance.

Easy-Touch Pushbar controls require less than 3 pounds of force to activate. Mechanically Activated Pushbar models feature two push bars on the front of the unit and allow operation even during power disruption.Sensor models have a unique Hands-Free operation. Sensor bi-level units feature a lower cooler with Hands-Free operation and an upper unit with a pushbar activation.

Fountain system is completely free of lead-containing brass parts. Single or Bi-Level drinking fountains are available with or without filtration. Units With Glass Filler Options are Pre-drilled to accept filler. Certified to NSF/ANSI 61.

Single units measure 18-3/8"L x 19"W x 19-13/16"H. Bi Level units measure 36-3/4"L x 19"W x 25-5/16"H.

Elkay® Wall Mount ADA Barrier-Free Water Coolers
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1Push BarLight Gray GraniteNoNoNoEZS8L
WBB190402 $449.00$449.00
1Push BarStainless SteelNoNoNoEZS8S
WBB190403 $449.95$449.95
1Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteNoNoNoEMABF8L
WBB190628 $584.00$555.00
1Mechanical Push BarsStainless SteelNoNoNoEMABF8S
WBB190636 $606.00$577.00
1Push BarLight Gray GraniteYesNoNoEZSVR8L
WBB190465 $659.00$626.00
1Push BarLight Gray GraniteNoNoYesLZS8L
WBB190341 $660.00$630.00
1Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteNoNoYesLMABF8L
WBB190635 $662.00$630.00
1Push BarLight Gray GraniteNoOptionalNoEZS8LF
WBB384270 $694.00$660.00
1Push BarStainless SteelNoNoYesLZS8S
WBB190343 $709.00$674.00
1Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteYesNoNoEMABFVR8L
WBB384152 $726.00$690.00
1SensorLight Gray GraniteNoNoNoEZO8L
WBB190571 $749.00$711.00
1Push BarStainless SteelNoOptionalNoEZS8SF
WBB384154 $749.00$711.00
1Push BarLight Gray GraniteYesNoYesLZSVR8L
WBB190409 $757.00$719.00
1SensorLight Gray GraniteYesNoNoEZOVR8L
WBB190385 $761.00$724.00
1Mechanical Push BarsStainless SteelYesNoNoEMABFVR8S
WBB384153 $781.00$743.00
1Push BarStainless SteelYesNoNoEZSVR8S
WBB190466 $784.00$745.00
1Mechanical Push BarsStainless SteelNoNoYesLMABF8S
WBB190334 $794.00$754.00
1Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteYesNoYesLMABFVR8L
WBB384202 $800.00$760.00
1SensorStainless SteelNoNoNoEZO8S
WBB190585 $813.00$773.00
1Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteYesNoYesLMABFVR8S
WBB384203 $847.00$805.00
1Push BarStainless SteelYesNoYesLZSVR8S
WBB190410 $851.00$809.00
1SensorStainless SteelYesNoNoEZOVR8S
WBB190401 $855.00$813.00
1SensorStainless SteelNoNoYesLZO8S
WBB190615 $875.00$831.00
1SensorLight Gray GraniteNoNoYesLZO8L
WBB190596 $922.00$877.00
2 (Lower On Right)Push BarLight Gray GraniteNoNoNoEZSTL8LC
WBB190442 $814.00$805.00
2 (Lower On Right)Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteNoNoNoEMABFTL8LC
WBB190368 $933.00$887.00
2 (Lower On Left)Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteNoNoNoEMABFTLR8LC
WBB190381 $1,086.00$1,032.00
2 (Reversible)Push BarLight Gray GraniteNoNoYesLZSTL8LC
WBB190345 $1,100.00$1,045.00
2 (Lower On Left)Mechanical Push BarsStainless SteelNoNoNoEMABFTLR8SC
WBB190382 $1,140.00$1,083.00
2 (Lower On Right)Mechanical Push BarsStainless SteelNoNoNoEMABFTL8SC
WBB190380 $1,141.00$1,085.00
2 (Lower On Right)Pushbar & SensorLight Gray GraniteNoNoYesLZOSTL8LC
WBB190624 $1,166.00$1,109.00
2 (Reversible)Push BarStainless SteelNoNoNoEZSTL8SC
WBB190443 $1,166.00$1,109.00
2 (Lower On Right)Push BarLight Gray GraniteNoOptionalNoEZSTL8LFC
WBB384167 $1,171.00$1,113.00
2 (Reversible)Push BarStainless SteelNoNoYesLZSTL8SC
WBB190347 $1,179.00$1,121.00
2 (Lower On Right)Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteNoNoYesLMABFTL8LC
WBB190374 $1,231.00$1,170.00
2 (Lower On Right)Pushbar & SensorLight Gray GraniteNoNoNoEZOSTL8LC
WBB190638 $1,247.00$1,185.00
2 (Reversible)Push BarLight Gray GraniteYesNoNoEZSTLVR8LC
WBB190463 $1,249.00$1,187.00
2 (Reversible)Push BarStainless SteelNoOptionalNoEZSTL8SFC
WBB384070 $1,287.00$1,222.00
2 (Lower On Right)Push BarLight Gray GraniteYesNoYesLZSTLVR8LC
WBB190407 $1,309.00$1,243.00
2 (Lower On Right)Mechanical Push BarsStainless SteelNoNoYesLMABFTL8SC
WBB190375 $1,315.00$1,249.00
2 (Lower On Right)Pushbar & SensorLight Gray GraniteYesNoNoEZOSTLVR8LC
WBB190383 $1,326.00$1,261.00
2 (Lower On Right)Pushbar & SensorStainless SteelNoNoNoEZOSTL8SC
WBB190340 $1,332.00$1,266.00
2 (Reversible)Push BarStainless SteelYesNoNoEZSTLVR8SC
WBB190464 $1,336.00$1,269.00
2 (Lower On Right)Pushbar & SensorStainless SteelNoNoYesLZOSTL8SC
WBB190625 $1,357.00$1,289.00
2 (Lower On Right)Mechanical Push BarsStainless SteelYesNoNoEMABFTLVR8SC
WBB384040 $1,369.00$1,302.00
2 (Lower On Right)Push BarStainless SteelYesNoYesLZSTLVR8SC
WBB190408 $1,395.00$1,326.00
2 (Lower On Right)Pushbar & SensorStainless SteelYesNoNoEZOSTLVR8SC
WBB190384 $1,410.00$1,340.00
2 (Lower On Right)Mechanical Push BarsStainless SteelYesNoYesLMABFTLVR8SC
WBB384052 $1,432.00$1,361.00
2 (Lower On Right)Mechanical Push BarsLight Gray GraniteYesNoYesLMABFTLVR8LC
WBB384041 $1,436.00$1,365.00

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