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Strain Relief

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Support Grips (380)
Bryant® Economy® Standard Duty Split Mesh U-Eye Cable Grips With Lace Closing
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Approx. Breaking Strength Lbs
11,876 (2)
14,500 (4)
16,680 (2)
19,460 (1)
19,972 (2)
21,795 (4)
22,240 (1)
39,765 (3)
59,692 (2)
2357 (2)
Max Cable Diameter
.62 (4)
.74 (4)
.99 (4)
1.24 (4)
1.49 (4)
1.74 (4)
1.99 (4)
2.49 (4)
2.99 (3)
3.49 (3)
Grip Style
Double U Eye (19)
Single U Eye (22)
Our Price
23.75 (1)
26.95 (1)
28.95 (2)
30.95 (1)
32.95 (2)
33.95 (1)
35.95 (1)
38.95 (2)
39.95 (1)
41.95 (2)

Bryant® Economy® Standard Duty Split Mesh U-Eye Cable Grips With Lace Closing
Bryant® Economy® Standard Duty Split Mesh U-Eye Cable Grips With Lace Closing Bryant® Economy® Standard Duty Split Mesh Cable Grips With Lace Closing Are Used For The Permanent Support Of Vertical And Horizontal Cables Where Ends Of Cable Are Not Available. Cable support grips may be used for indoor or outdoor applications. Endless weave provides uniform gripping power. Strand equalizers position wires for equal loading. Stainless steel grips offer corrosion resistance and reliable durability for harsh environments. Tin coated bronze grips minimize hysteresis heat buildup, maintaining cable integrity for a longer life. Available with U Eye or Double U Eye. Grips are CSA certified.

Bryant® Economy® Standard Duty Split Mesh U-Eye Cable Grips With Lace Closing
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Double U Eye530.5.62Tinned BronzeSPS050DE
WBB216944 $31.95
Single U Eye530.5.62Tinned BronzeSPS050U
WBB217231 $28.95
Single U Eye790.63.74Tinned BronzeSPS062U
WBB217232 $34.95
Double U Eye790.63.74Tinned BronzeSPS062DE
WBB217019 $36.95
Single U Eye1020.75.99Tinned BronzeSPS075U
WBB217233 $34.95
Double U Eye1020.75.99Tinned BronzeSPS075DE
WBB217020 $38.95
Double U Eye1140.5.62Stainless SteelSPS050DES
WBB216822 $47.95
Single U Eye1370.5.62Stainless SteelSPS050US
WBB217202 $50.95
Double U Eye161011.24Tinned BronzeSPS100DE
WBB217021 $42.95
Double U Eye16101.51.74Tinned BronzeSPS150DE
WBB217023 $49.95
Double U Eye16101.251.49Tinned BronzeSPS125DE
WBB217022 $45.95
Single U Eye16101.251.49Tinned BronzeSPS125U
WBB217255 $38.95
Single U Eye161011.24Tinned BronzeSPS100U
WBB217253 $40.95
Single U Eye16101.51.74Tinned BronzeSPS150U
WBB217256 $45.95
Single U Eye2060.75.99Stainless SteelSPS075US
WBB217201 $57.95
Single U Eye2060.63.74Stainless SteelSPS062US
WBB217203 $54.95
Double U Eye2060.75.99Stainless SteelSPS075DES
WBB216918 $56.95
Double U Eye2060.63.74Stainless SteelSPS062DES
WBB216843 $49.95
Double U Eye21501.751.99Tinned BronzeSPS175DE
WBB217024 $72.95
Single U Eye21501.751.99Tinned BronzeSPS175U
WBB217254 $67.95
Single U Eye267011.24Stainless SteelSPS100US
WBB217204 $67.95
Double U Eye267011.24Stainless SteelSPS100DES
WBB216919 $63.95
Double U Eye32602.52.99Tinned BronzeSPS250DE
WBB216750 $89.95
Single U Eye32602.52.99Tinned BronzeSPS250U
WBB217258 $84.95
Single U Eye326022.49Tinned BronzeSPS200U
WBB217257 $76.95
Double U Eye326022.49Tinned BronzeSPS200DE
WBB217047 $81.95
Double U Eye37501.251.49Stainless SteelSPS125DES
WBB216920 $69.95
Double U Eye37501.51.74Stainless SteelSPS150DES
WBB216921 $75.95
Single U Eye43751.751.99Stainless SteelSPS175US
WBB217207 $103.95
Single U Eye44901.251.49Stainless SteelSPS125US
WBB217205 $69.95
Single U Eye44901.51.74Stainless SteelSPS150US
WBB217206 $75.95
Double U Eye490033.49Tinned BronzeSPS300DE
WBB216751 $128.95
Double U Eye49003.53.99Tinned BronzeSPS350DE
WBB216748 $134.95
Single U Eye49003.53.99Tinned BronzeSPS350U
WBB217280 $131.95
Single U Eye490033.49Tinned BronzeSPS300U
WBB217259 $123.95
Double U Eye50001.751.99Stainless SteelSPS175DES
WBB216922 $97.95
Single U Eye89402.52.99Stainless SteelSPS250US
WBB217227 $142.95
Single U Eye894022.49Stainless SteelSPS200US
WBB217229 $118.95
Double U Eye894022.49Stainless SteelSPS200DES
WBB216923 $114.95
Single U Eye13,42033.49Stainless SteelSPS300US
WBB217228 $190.95
Single U Eye13,4203.53.99Stainless SteelSPS350US
WBB217230 $222.95

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