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Scissor Lifts & Lift Tables

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Lift Tables-Mobile Tilting (4)
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Scissor Lifts & Lift Tables

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Mobile Tilting Work Tables

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Mobile Tilting Work Tables
View 3 Products
Adjustable Tilt Tables Place Material At An Ergonomically Correct Level, Reducing Fatigue And Risk Of Injury.

Tilt angle and platform height are easily adjusted using friction screw (mechanical hand crank on 241729) placing containers and parts at a comfortable position. Powder coated steel construction with lip edge on platform to retain load. Click for more

Vestil Mobile Container Tilter & Transporter

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Vestil Mobile Container Tilter & Transporter
View 1 Product
Tilt & Transport Products with One Piece of Equipment.

This economical work positioner moves products between work stations and tilts containers or crates for improved ergonomic access. Primary applications are at machines and workstations, and tilter is used for use with parts that must be nested in containers. Click for more
Tilting Work Table 150 Lb. Capacity 22 x 21 with Friction Screw

Tilting Work Table 150 Lb. Capacity 22 x 21 with Friction Screw

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