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  • IRONguard Lift Truck Logs & Checklist Caddies

    IRONguard Lift Truck Logs & Checklist Caddies
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    Log and Checklist Caddy help promote Powered Lift Truck Vehicle Operator Safety.

    Lift Truck Vehicle Log provides a convenient and OSHA compliant method for operators to complete their pre-operational inspections. Each lift truck log comes in a hard plastic case that can be mounted inside the driver's compartment for easy access. Log inspection chart includes 24 sets of Repair Requests, 60 sets of Routine Maintenance Logs, 4 sets of Near-miss Incident forms and 4 sets of Accident forms. The fold-over template allows one book to function in both English and Spanish. Pack includes one log book, holder, pen and lock-out tags.

    Lift Truck Vehicle Checklist Caddy includes 75 sets of two-part carbonless forms that ensure that one copy remains in the truck at all times when the other is handed to the supervisor each shift. Checklist log helps ensure the proper flow of communication on safety or maintenance issues and helps meet OSHA compliance for pre-operational inspections. Each caddy comes in a hard plastic case that can be mounted inside the driver's compartment for easy access and protection. One pen with plastic attachment wire is also included.

    Replacement Log Books and Checklists are available.
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  • IRONguard Forklift Battery PPE Protective Handling Kit

    IRONguard Forklift Battery PPE Protective Handling Kit
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    Protect your Worker's Health and Safety by Reducing Workplace Hazards.

    OSHA regulations state that all personnel wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when performing forklift battery replacement or maintenance. Forklift batteries contain the hazardous material sulfuric acid and MSDS regulations require personnel to wear specific PPE.

    This kit comes complete with everything you need to stay compliant and safe:
    · Neoprene Safety Handling Gloves
    · Safety Goggles for Eye Protection
    · Safety Shield for Face Protection
    · Apron
    · Flashlight
    · Battery Hydrometer
    · Convenient Mounting Board

    This complete forklift battery handling personal protective safety equipment kit mounts conveniently on any wall so that everything is within easy reach.
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  • IRONguard Forklift Propane Cylinder Handling Gloves

    IRONguard Forklift Propane Cylinder Handling Gloves
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    Proper Hand Protection is required when working with LPG Forklift Tanks.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required when replacing forklift propane tanks. Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) is extremely cold and irritates the skin when it makes contact with your hands. Wearing protective gloves is important because your hands must be in direct contact with the tank and the connection points. Having gloves readily available helps protect employees from the risk of injury.

    On Hand Gloves attach to the forklift's overhead guard with a chain to ensure that they are readily available for use. A safety sticker with important guidelines for changing tanks is also provided.

    Retracto-Gloves offer a retractable 18" cord to keep the gloves near the tank. The retractor is applied to the mast using two-way tape (included), and the gloves also have hook & loop tape to keep the gloves in place when the truck is in operation. A safety sticker with important guidelines for changing tanks is also provided.
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  • Forklift Safety Mirrors

    Forklift Safety Mirrors
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    Forklift Safety Mirrors Provide Excellent Visibility For Forklift Drivers And Improves Workplace Safety.

    Forklift Safety Mirrors are made of metal and black plastic frame to provide long lasting durability and superior impact resistance. Available styles include 8" x 5" Curved Mirror, 9" Dome Mirror, Side-View Magnetic Mount Mirror and Wide Magnetic Mount Mirror. Some models available with Double-Sided Tape for easy installation or Magnetic Arm that adheres to any metal surface. Dimensions vary per model.

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  • IRONguard Forklift Battery Water Refilling Gun

    IRONguard Forklift Battery Water Refilling Gun
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    Simplify Forklift Battery Maintenance!

    A certain amount of water loss is normal in all lift truck batteries during operation and recharging. The water level should be monitored and refilled with pure tap water or distilled water to extend the battery life. The Forklift Battery Watering Gun helps you maintain your batteries water levels while keeping the battery tops clean and dry.

    The battery watering gun is very easy to use. After connecting to a standard hose and checking the depth stop, simply insert the nozzle into the battery cell and squeeze the trigger. As fluid touches the tip of the nozzle, the gun automatically shuts off, eliminating over-filling or under-filling of battery cells, and without the risk of splashing acid.

    Patented shutoff mechanism prevents water from dripping when moving the filler from cell to cell, as water can attract dirt and make the battery a safety hazard in a short period of time. Additionally, employees will no longer bend awkwardly over the batteries to look into each cell, reducing the risk of back injuries. Fits most standard industrial Forklift and Golf Cart batteries.
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  • IRONguard Forklift Lock-Out Guard Kit

    IRONguard Forklift Lock-Out Guard Kit
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    Lock-Out your Forklift Truck until Repairs are completed.

    The Lock-Out Guard is a simple solution promoting employee safety and minimizing workplace injury by preventing the use of unsafe and malfunctioning forklifts, machinery and equipment. It can also be used to lock-out / tag-out forklift battery connectors, propane cylinders, water outlets and gas valves. Each kit comes complete with a Lock-Out Box, (4) Lock-Out Tags, (4) Tie Straps and a Keyed Lock.

    OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.333 requires employers to protect employees in the workplace from hazardous electrical energy sources on machinery and equipment when service and maintenance is being performed. Additionally, the Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety states that lock-out is an essential safety procedure that prevents equipment, machines and processes from harming workers. Workers responsible for maintaining, repairing, cleaning and replacing parts on machinery that is not locked out can be seriously injured.
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  • IRONguard Safe-Bump Forklift Protectors

    IRONguard Safe-Bump Forklift Protectors
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    Forklift Bumpers help Reduce Damage in many applications.

    Specifically designed for forklifts, these bumpers are made of soft PVC plastic that will absorb impact energy to help prevent damage. Bumper attaches with two 100 lb. magnets and two-way, high strength (VHB) tape for easy installation. Forklift bumper can easily bend 90 degrees to go around corners.
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  • IRONguard Forklift Ergo Back-Up Handles

    IRONguard Forklift Ergo Back-Up Handles
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    Reduce Back Strain and Improve Forklift Driver Ergonomics.

    Forklift operators who are required to frequently travel in reverse tend to grab the overhead guard. This dangerous practice can result in serious injuries. The forklift Ergo Back-up Handle is placed inside the overhead guard and allows the forklift operators hand to remain within the forklift at all times, giving him something to grab onto while reversing the forklift. Handle reduces back strain and provides a safer place to set the hand. An integral horn switch allows the operator to keep one hand on the steering wheel; choice of Hard Wired switch or Battery Operated switch for easy installation.
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  • IRONguard Cormack Propane Forklift Safety Valves

    IRONguard Cormack Propane Forklift Safety Valves
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    Safety Valve prevents LPG from coming back onto the Operator!

    Changing an LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas, otherwise known as Propane) cylinder can injure a forklift operator if the seal in the cylinder valve has failed, as a defective seal can allow the liquid propane gas to spray over the hand or face of the operator. Since liquid propane vaporizes quickly (-44° F or -42° C), it will cause extreme frostbite when in contact with the skin. The solution is to place this shut-off valve on the hose, preventing the liquid propane from coming back onto the operator. When closed, the valve shuts off LP Gas to the coupler preventing gas from coming back through the hose if the seal fails. This is important, as most LPG forklift cylinders are rented and the operator does not know the condition of the seal or age of the cylinder without rigorous inspection. When the valve is open, the high-visibility red nylon shut-off handle covers the coupler so that the valve cannot be disconnected. Safety valve installs in minutes, and features a standard LPG female coupler and a 3/8" flare fitting to fit most forklifts.
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  • TVH Parts Forklift Heaters

    TVH Parts Forklift Heaters
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    Forklift Heaters Provide High Efficiency Heating In A Variety Of Mounting Styles.

    Forklift Heaters are made of heavy duty aluminum for long lasting durability. The units are available in a variety of mounting options, including dash mounting; rear mounting; top and bottom; or top, bottom and side mounting. Available with a 2- or 3-speed motor and an output range of 12,500 to 33,000 BTUs per hour. Requires 12 or 24 volts. 90-Day Limited Warranty.
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  • IRONguard Dissipator Forklift Battery Caps

    IRONguard Dissipator Forklift Battery Caps
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    Revolutionary Technology Maximizes your Forklift Battery's Potential!

    The Dissipator Battery Caps are maintenance tools that reduce watering intervals by returning 80% of the evaporated water back into the battery, while helping to reduce harmful gas emissions. An integral "magic eye" allows for instant electrolyte level detection. Durable acid-proof housing protects against acid overflow helping to prevent battery case corrosion. Ergonomic twist-off design offers easy removal/installation. Sold each; order as required for the amount of battery cells on the battery.

    Note: Caps fits industrial batteries found in Forklifts, Lift Trucks, Aerial Work Platforms and Golf Carts.
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