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Dock & Truck Equipment

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Dock-Door Barriers (59)
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Dock & Truck Equipment

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Barricade Lift Gate

View 2 Products
Barricade Lift Gate
View 2 Products
These Steel Barriers Double As Security Lift Gates To Provide Temporary Access To Blocked-Off Areas.

Security gate lifts out of the way with a simple finger. Simply lift this barrier and the self-folding action folds the gate in a vertical position. Air assist cylinder allows this lift gate to be raised with little effort. Click for more

Dock Barricades

View 2 Products
Dock Barricades
View 2 Products
These Barricades Are Ideal For Preventing Dock Run-Offs Through Doors And 8 x 8 Openings.

Dock barricades are available with Electric Hydraulic operation or Manual Hand Crank operation. Manual Hand Crank Barricade features a hand operated crank winch to raise and lower barricade arm. Click for more

Retractable Dock Door Safety Strap

View 3 Products
Retractable Dock Door Safety Strap
View 3 Products
Retractable Safety Strap Helps Keep Dock Workers Safe.

Retractable Safety Straps are ideal for cross docks and facilities that leave dock doors open. High visibility dock barrier helps workers be aware of loading dock edges. Strap is retractable to keep clear of door opening when not in use. Yellow powder coated steel housing with high strength yellow nylon strap. Click for more

Poly Clearance Bars

View 2 Products
Poly Clearance Bars
View 2 Products
Plastic Clearance Bars Prevent Tall Vehicles From Entering Restricted Areas To Prevent Damage.

Ideal for use at a drive-thru, parking garage and more. Clearance bars provide an early warning for motorists to notify them of possible structural and vehicle restrictions. Safety bars are made of yellow high density polyethylene. Click for more

Clearancegard™ Overhead Clearance Bars

View 43 Products
Clearancegard™ Overhead Clearance Bars
View 43 Products
Clearance Bars Effectively Warn Drivers Against Accidental Collisions In Warehouse, Car Wash, Drive-Thru, Parking Lot And Other Low Clearance Applications.

Made of sturdy 4" diameter high density polyethylene that is impact resistant. UV stabilized for protection against fading or cracking. Includes four 1"W 3M™ Scotchlite reflective stripes for high visibility. Click for more

Pvc Overhead Door Barrier

View 2 Products
Pvc Overhead Door Barrier
View 2 Products
Overhead Door Barriers Protect Overhead Doors From Fork Truck Damage.

Door safety barriers are made from lightweight, rust resistant PVC with a white finish and highly visible black and yellow tape. Safety barriers include hardware to allow hanging from ceiling or existing overhead door track. Click for more

Overhead Door Safety Barriers

View 5 Products
Overhead Door Safety Barriers
View 5 Products
Overhead Door Safety Barriers Prevent Forklift Load Clearance Accidents.

Overhead Door Safety Barriers are solidly made for long lasting durability and dependability. Heavy duty tubular steel uprights can be anchored directly to concrete floor using lag bolts (sold separately). Replaceable wooden beam across the top acts as a warning for forklift operators and not as a stop. Click for more
104" Clearance Bar - Yellow Bar/Red Tapes

104" Clearance Bar - Yellow Bar/Red Tapes

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