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Air Conditioners

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AquaGuard Drain Pan Float Switches and Sensors

View 4 Products
AquaGuard Drain Pan Float Switches and Sensors
View 4 Products
AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems are engineered to monitor, detect and arrest condensate water overflow. When the presence of any condensate water overflow is detected, AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems automatically turn off the primary cause of the condensing water: the HVAC/R unit. Click for more

Hamilton Home Heating & Cooling Accessories

View 1 Product
Hamilton Home Heating & Cooling Accessories
View 1 Product
With Any Heating And Cooling Application, There Are Useful Accessories To Improve Overall Performance Or To Reduce Installation Headaches.

Choose from LP Conversion Kits to Custom Sheet Metal Plenums and Thermostats. This selection of accessories includes heating and cooling products for Hamilton/Winchester HVAC equipment. Click for more

Goliath Condensate Drain Pans

View 6 Products
Goliath Condensate Drain Pans
View 6 Products
Goliath Condensate Drain Pans Are Designed For Residential And Commercial Applications.

Goliath Condensate Drain Pans are made with a patented blend of advanced polymer DexElar material for long lasting durability. Features a one piece design for greater structural strength and stability. Crack, split, leak and rust-resistant for increased reliability. Click for more

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